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16Bit-Mercenary Mess Up

December 13th, 2003 Leave a comment Go to comments

Download: Custom VEB Missions and Campaign for Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

My big move has been delayed for a short time! I will leave here at the end of December and move to far east in middle January! I actually packed everything and made most preparations so I’m stuck with being bored now, counting every minute and hope that time passes faster.

So what to do? One good idea I had, was to keep up with writing some blog stuff that I already planned in my mind. One if it being about one of my favorite Abandonware DOS games Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games!

Over the last couple of decades this game kept me from being bored often! With it’s cozy winter evening fireplace warmth strategy gameplay atmosphere and quietly playing midi music it charms easily to take a session of round based war monging.

While the hi-res graphics are outdated since long now, it’s gameplay and atmosphere still sets measures and I would even claiming it’s actually more fun than the followers Jagged Alliance II and Unfinished Business! They surely have better graphics and sound and some other really well worked out things like improved weaponry but sometimes low-res gaming beats all state-of-the-art!

I even went far enough to create my own missions and campaign within JADG and the good news is, you can actually download them here! :D

Download JADG VEB Scenarios v1.0.0 (135.96 kB, downloaded 180 times)

After download you can unpack the scenario and campaign files to the folders in the JADG folder. There are ten missions within the campaign reaching from freeing organization members from a prison to very ridiculous things like raiding a cannibal camp in the south sea. All missions are set more or less within the VEB scenario however.

The difficulty level will raise mission by mission and at the end you have to raid a nuclear missle compound where the VEB head is hiding and it will get very hard to survive until then! So for all you lazy players who don’t want to approach the whole thing, the single missions are also included.

Check Underdogs excellent review on the game here. You might be able to get the game here. But I didn’t told you! If you want to play on a newer Windows system like 2k or XP you will find this and this tool useful!

Now stop reading here and get playing some excellent 16bit strategy. The Villains await you! But don’t forget to check back here from time to time as I’m going to introduce some other classic gaming stuff!

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