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Facelift for Ableton Live

Download: dark & modern looking UI skin for Ableton Live 6/7.

A while back I’ve created a custom skin for Ableton Live with this handy freeware skin editor. The editor dates back to Live 6 but it seems that skins made with it work just fine in Live 7. Live’s approach to UI design is very minimalistic which I think is a step into the right direction but the default color palettes are not everyone’s taste. I’ve been using this skin since a couple of months and it works nicely so here is Dark2008, a dark – but readable – theme for Ableton Live 6 and 7.

To install this skin simply unpack the zip file and copy the Dark2008.ask file into your Ableton/Live/Resources/Skins folder and activate the skin in Live’s Options dialog.

Download Ableton Live Dark2008 Skin v1.0.0 (223.83 kB, downloaded 8132 times)

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