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Tools Of The Trade Part 1: Alias SketchBook Pro

As a one-man-game developer of worldclass (exaggeration intended!) it’s good to have a bunch of tools at hand that help with the tasks for creating games! In this series I will introduce helpful ‘nice to have’ or even ‘must have’ tools that make a game developers/designers day easier. In this part I will cover Alias SketchBook Pro …

I’ve bought myself a periphery some days ago about which I was pondering to buy for a long time already, a Wacom Intuos 3 graphics tablet! I choose the smallest version 4×5 since I’m not a drawing pro and have limited desktop real estate and the smallest one suffices pretty well for just some sketching.

[ad#ad_content]While it’s cool to use it in Adobe Photoshop, it becomes a great pleasure to use it together with Alias SketchBook Pro, an application which is made especially for use with a graphics tablet. SketchBook is the next closest thing to a real paper sketchbook! The program doesn’t offer the multitude of features like an app of the Photoshop scale but it offers excellent and quickly accessible tools to sketch around on a virtual canvas without any hassle.

All the tools can easily be controlled without ever grabbing the mouse or keyboard and the small Alias patented ‘Marking menu’ in the corner is outstandingly intuitive. The only moment where you ever have to use the keyboard is to enter filenames or brush names when creating a new custom brush. And how you will be able to create new brushes! You can customize brushes, pens and erasers of all kinds of sizes, pressure sensitiveness, roundness, slanting, opacity and whatnot by yourself. There is almost no limit! Another nice feature is to load a template, for example grid paper into the background layer and even save own images as new templates in TIFF format.

For a graphics tablet usage I haven’t come across anything better yet than Alias SketchBook Pro! The price is quite high for such an application if you think about it that you actually only need a simple paper block and a pencil to do the same in an old fashioned way but SketchBook is such a smooth experience that I simply have to recommend it and there is a trial version downloadable from Alias’ website too so it’s worth a try for people with a graphics tablet.

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