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C64 pocketized

C64-Paradroid played on GBA (a study)

C64-Paradroid played on GBA (a study)

it looks tempting! the author of splam.emuhq.com is working on a *C64 emulator* for the Gameboy Advance™! He’s already busy since a good amount on time and it seems writing a C64 emu for the GBA is more than a challenge!

Promising however that there already is a c64 music demo rom for d/l from his site which has a truckload of c64 tunes included. hopefully soon we can ask splam: are we happy? and if he answers yes, there seem to be no limits anymore to take your collection of c64 games to where you ever want to go and play in a 8bit style!

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  1. joe bucci
    May 14th, 2006 at 00:39 | #1

    Unfortunatly, it look as though this project will never see daylight. We do have ZXAdvance, which is excellent.. But my computer of choice in the 80’s-90’s was the C64. – Hell, I just bought 3 C64-DTV’s to hack around with! :) But seriously, I would be willing to pay decent $$ for a working C64 emulator. I bet others would too.

    Have a great day!

  2. joe bucci
    May 14th, 2006 at 00:40 | #2

    Hey Maybe Jeri Ellsworth will read this and toy around with the idea of having a C64 chip on a GBA cartridge! It would just need to access the screen and the joybuttons. Pretty much like the DTV.. Only with a built-in screen! I bet it would sell like crazy, and even boost GBA sales in the process.. Hey! NINTENDO! Are you listening??


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