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SWG … once again

July 26th, 2006 39 comments

[ad#gog_arcanum_box]So after about six months of absence I’ve decided to subscribe for a month back into SWG to see if things changed for the better (and to see if my stuff still exists). I spawned inside my house where I left the game last November and decided to bring my char to level 90 so I did many of the quests that I still had open. After all quests are almost the only way currently to gain XP quickly.

The game is basically still the same since I left it! Many of the same old bugs and a gameplay that has only distantly something to do with RPG. Examples: Tried to continue the ‘Secret of the Syrens’ quest but the Black Sun Bunker at the waypoint never spawns,I want to call my mount pet inside the Kashyyk Hunting Grounds but it doesn’t spawn, I want to attack that imperial trooper that permanently shoots at me but I can’t because he’s stuck inside a wall … the list could go on for a while.

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Fun with SWG NGE

May 14th, 2006 41 comments

… I’m not talking about fun with playing the NGE mind you … when the NGE came live there was a lot of derision and mockery on the official forums. Among all this down pour of anger, hate and dismay about the NGE there were a handful cynical postings of how scenes in the Star Wars movies would look if the NGE had affected them. Because they were so utterly hilarious I decided to save them for later and what better opportunity do I have than to post them here for people who have missed them. In this sense read on and enjoy! :)

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Star Wars Wiki

April 1st, 2006 2 comments

Wookiepedia, a Wiki solely dedicated to the Star Wars universe! How nice to see that some people have already been very busy filling the database with tons and tons of background info on Star Wars related things. Ever wanted to know how Bossk’s ship looks, why Yuuzahn Vong are such a fearsome species or what the name of the asteroid is where Luke and Leia were born? It’s all in there! They even have listed many of the source books of the Star Wars D6 and D20 Pen & Paper Roleplaying games. With all those loads of information it becomes clear that the movies are only a small fragment of what makes the Star Wars Universe so intricate and vast!

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Game Over for SOE about Star Wars Galaxies?

March 22nd, 2006 16 comments

If we can believe these rumors originally from it looks like Star Wars Galaxies is very soon history for Sony Online Entertainment. According to the news Lucas Arts withdraw the SWG license from SOE and gave it to Bioware, the makers of SWKOTOR.
“Bioware did indeed gain rights to develop a second version of SWG. It wont be called SWG2. Its not a completely new game but rather a reworking of existing code.” … sounds vague but I’m curious what Bioware will make of this in case this is going to happen! I hope it will be something like a Pre-CU SWG without bugs and a good portion of true Star Wars feel. And don’t forget to put the Creature Handlers back in! But Bioware would have it easy to make a good game … it’s hard to top a developer like SOE in terms of incompetence and customer dissatisfaction!

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Memories of Star Wars Galaxies

March 20th, 2006 43 comments

I’ve been playing Star Wars Galaxies on and off for about three years so by the time a large amount of screenshots have been piled up on my harddisk. And because it’s a good opportunity, here’s a little

memorial gallery for SWG, the game that once was a hell lot of fun. There were many nice times playing, hunting, flying, taming and crafting around in the galaxy and it still hurts a bit that the game since a while is gone as we know it.
Maybe there will be a time when a new and similar good MMORPG appears, maybe even a SWG2, who knows?! Whats left until then is good memories and a crapload of screenshots. I’ve picked some of the more interesting from my collection and made a retrospective to show some of the things that others eventually might not find in any of the other popular MMOG’s.

(Caution: Large amount of image data ahead!) …

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Tomb Raider Legends First 10 Minutes Video

March 20th, 2006 2 comments

Playsyde has published a video of the first 10 minutes playing into Tomb Raider Legends. This is the first time you can really see how the game looks in action and it looks pretty impressive I must say! It seems that Tomb Raider finally grew up (after the unsuccessful TR Angel Of Darkness). The graphic looks stunning and Lara’s movement seems much more natural and smooth than before.
The game is going to be released on 18. April and you can count on a review from Dataleak! Until then check out the official site for more info and preview treats!

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Star Wars Galaxies – A slight breath of hope?

March 10th, 2006 85 comments
What do you need spells for if you got a decent Blaster Rifle?!

What do you need spells for if you got a decent Blaster Rifle?!

According to this forum post on, the result of Lucas Arts Focus Group discussion about the future of Star Wars Galaxies most participants yelled for a server rollback pre-NGE in unity.

Star Wars Galaxies suffered a huge loss of players in late 2005 because of the NGE total game damage that a certain Julio Torres who thought he might be funny came up with (dataleak reported). Obviously the royals at Lucas Arts and Sony Online Entertainment were envious about the high sale counts of other MMOG’s (WoW) and tried to make Galaxies conforming for dummy players. But somehow Fantasy themes are much more popular than the Star Wars Universe (something I personally will never understand).

Though there is alot of false publicity from SOE and Torres striving in the wild of the official boards and gaming sites about how well the NGE was accepted, it was obvious to them that SWG went nose-dive after the NGE was published. The damage was done!

The question for them is: what to do now? Many of the players left SWG and went over to other MMORPG’s, some of them are happy with it, others think they are a poor replacement for SWG and wish that SWG would come back like it was pre-NGE or even pre-CU. The SWG servers are yawning from emptyness with too few players on them. My once shiny bunker house that I got when pre-ordering Trials Of Obi-Wan surely has thick layers of dust in it’s vaults! How many players would come back to SWG if it would be rolled back and how many of the new post-NGE players who are fine with the current game would leave because of a rollback?

I have managed to not play SWG since the NGE came live (4 months now) but I would resubscribe without a second thought if the game was rolled back, simply because there is no other MMORPG that has the amount of complexity that SWG had before. If I wanted to play a no brainer shooter, I’d use any of the FPS’s out there. WoW is too simple for my taste, the graphics are inferior and the population too childish and besides I totally don’t dig fantasy.

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The rise and fall of a Galaxy

November 18th, 2005 39 comments

Or how to completely destroy a popular MMORPG
I’ve been a Star Wars fan for a long time, I remember since 1983 when I still was a kid and went to the movie theater with a mate to see Return of the Jedi. I wouldn’t say I’m an overly fanatic fan but I always liked the sheer depth and complexity of the expanded Star Wars Universe. Every other Science Fiction looks like bland second class compared to Star Wars!
So when I first heard about the news of a Star Wars MMORPG in development some years ago I was hooked! In late summer 2003 Sony Online Entertainment let their Star Wars Galaxies go live and I’ve ordered it one or two months later. The game already offered a lot in its early time but it also has been a problem child since the very beginning because of many bugs and gameplay flaws. SOE released the game into public with many bugs not being fixed and this method went on for most of the time when they published a new update or expansion for the game. After a while you could be sure that with every major publish a bunch of new bugs came into the game. A MMORPG is a complex matter with many server/client relations where unprepared issues can occur but some of the bugs were so absurd that I started to wonder how the coding organization looked at SOE. Either they didn’t follow a well planned object oriented design or their organization structure was simply chaotic.
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Review: iPod Shuffle

August 16th, 2005 1 comment

I’ve bought myself an iPod Shuffle finally after pondering about a couple of mobile players. This device is the second best thing after sliced bread.
I don’t wanna dig to deep in details here so I make it short, here are the pro’s of the iPod Shuffle …

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Biiig biiig ad!

August 5th, 2005 2 comments

The coolest commercial I’ve seen since a long time ….! No, it won’t hurt your system, despite the security warning that shows up eventually, but this is so freakin cool!

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