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Daily computer jumble

This was how I’ve felt when I entered the Ginza Apple Store some days ago!

It was like “Hey everything is nice and easy and good” … but in a strangely artificial and rather canting way. I’ve opened my not so bad and somewhat stylish flash portfolio on one of the apples with lamp-screen and went up some floors and when I came back, the apple was set back to it’s screen with boring landscape pictures like it was before. Sounds rather like a bourgeois PC store, doesn’t it?! Let’s watch this again just for a lark (and then this one! ;)!

I feel I rather want to visit the 8-bit Museum and admire some of the old machines! An excellent informed website about obsolete computers with tons of detail, screenshots, photos and extended information that old.computers.com doesn’t provide! Old computer goodness from A like Nintari to T like Hexers Instruments. Unfortunately the site’s text is only in german.

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