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Diary Of A Day In The Life Of An Insane

Because the weather is so good now and all people seem to went into holiday and scenes of empty and lethargic streets are regular, a friend of mine and I had the idea if everyone left Germany, we both stay here so we can maraud shops and stores etc. which would be fun.

We also had the great idea that everyone of us can mark his owned area of the town and start playing war. If he gets into my area I have to hunt him and vice versa. However that maybe wouldn’t make much sense with only two people.

We would also establish a so called ‘death zone’. In case other people want to come back, they have to run the gauntlet through this zone and if they survive it they can stay and live here.

That would be a scenery like in a low-budget endtime apocalypse movie. Maybe these kind of phantasies come up if you listen too many times to Burn The Priest/Lamb Of God. And I just wanted to broaden my music horizon…. oh dear!

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