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Dr. Colossus' Adventures in Slime World

Review: Todd’s Adventures In Slime World (Atari Lynx)

Do you remember the Lynx™? That was Atari’s approach in the late 80ties/early 90ties to get onto the Handheld market! … now you remember? Ok, that Handheld console wasn’t very popular for a long time not to say it was never really popular! The few Handhelds that existed to that time (including the Game Gear) hadn’t much chance against Nintendo’s famous Gameboy.

However there were some game pearls for unpopular play devices that never made it to other platforms. One of these was Todd’s Adventures In Slime World

Ok, actually this game didn’t made it to other platforms because it wasn’t popular enough. I still wonder why because this game still offers some interesting oddities that I never saw somewhere else since then. Let me tell some content of the game …

You are Todd who jumps into his anti-slime-suit to be brought to a slime planet and to crawl down into a labyrinth of slimy caverns full of obligatory slime monsters … nothing really intriguing yet but it’s not about the ‘what’ but about the ‘how’!

Todd submerges deeper into the slime lair.

Todd submerges deeper into the slime lair.

In the slime world the walls are moving from dripping slime and there are even some ‘slime waterfalls’. Todd has to take care to not catch up too much slime or his live is over fast. He can jump into a water hole every here and there to wash up the slime. The whole theme looks very organic in an unpleasant way and the music adds the right claustrophobic atmosphere to it.

There are many items to collect like slime shields, mega bombs, weapon Powerups, jet pack etc. that helps getting the way through. However it’s not that easy to finish this game. Maybe it was so unpopular because of it’s disgusting slimy theme.

Download Handy Lynx Emulator for Windows here … handy.sourceforge.net

You can find the ROM of ‘Todd’s Adventures In Slime World’ here.

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