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Dude, where is my blog?

In case you’re wondering what happened on this site besides that it has been visually overhauled … two of my older blogs have now been merged with Hidden Resource. One, Dataleak, was my very first blog that I used for mainly writing about computer games, especially old ones. However Dataleak turned more and more into a abandoned net corpse and because there were quite some articles on it which I found have nostalgic value I decided to take them over to HDRS. Then there was Vista Tweaking, a blog I’ve started to post tweaks for Windows Vista. The few postings from that site have been consolidated into HDRS as well. I also had the idea on the back burner about starting an audio blog since audio production is one of my many interests. But a man has only so much time and maintaining three or four blogs is clearly a chore. Just think about all the updates, handling Spam etc.

For a while I’ve tried to write only about Flash- and ActionScript-related topics but my interests are broader than that. I could be what you call a Jack of all Trades … and a master of none, dooh (but hey I’m on the way). But who cares?! There’s nothing wrong with having many interests, quite the opposite! So here’s the all new Hidden Resource which from now will not only be my platform about programming but also audio and (mostly retro-) gaming. And since I sometimes take Photoshop or 3D modeling into my hands here’s a category for design as well. So here it is, the all new Hidden Resource now with extra topics! And in case this is all too much for your taste, there are categorized feeds available too, just pick your favorite, lean back and relax! There’s plenty of time!

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