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From Endorian Creature Hunts and Mon Calamarian Captivators

Review: Star Wars Galaxies (PC)First of all I’m not that far yet and played this game now for one week so you will not get any too detailed information about it here. I’ve spent most of the recent days training my character in the Tyrena area on Corellia an finally got my pistol skill tree full being able to call myself a pistol apprentice. I thought I would be able to hop right on the novice smugglers skill trees but to my surprise I still have to get some more skill points in at least pistol ranged combat before I can do that.

I’ve started off with an artisan and did the tedious task of surveying and sampling ore, minerals and chemicals for a long time with the intention to manufacture my own (better) weapons, since these seem to be very rare (at least on the Chilastra server?!), even bought and planted some personal mineral extractors later but got bored with it and decided to get onto the adventurous side with the rebels. Gladly I’ve already worked my pistol skills up a lot to that time. So after doing rebel delivery and destroy missions until I’ve got 200 rebel faction points to join them and hanging around on Corellia for almost one week I’ve decided it’s time to take a flight to Tatooine.

Shortly after I arrived in Mos Espa, I’ve grouped with a Trandoshan and a Bothan who asked me to join to raid Fort Tusken which lies close to that area. Three persons are way to few to raid the Tuskens but we thought to find others on that location to team up.

We found two more peeps to join up the team, however 5 were still too few! Suddenly somebody aggroed one of the Tusken leaders out of their stronghold and the shooting began. I’ve tried my best in evading and shooting at him but before he fell it was me who got incapped and after that slained by that sucker.

Fishing on Naboo.

Fishing on Naboo.

The outer rim is really the outer rim!

Now I’m hanging in a distant small spot named Wayfar where not even a shuttle port exists. After running about 4 kilometers through the sand storm plagued desert I arrived there to make that ‘Jabba Quest’ to get access to Jabba’s palace which is close to that area.

A Wookie asked me to join a group to invade a nest of imperials close to that town. So after some minutes we where in a hot PvP fight with several imperialists which was fun and I even killed 2 or 3 of them before I got slain again and were cloned in the next cloning station in Wayfar.

Currently I’m still chewing on Jabba’s quests and I’m halfway through.


The game visuals are amazing and I realized I need new parts for my PC! That means new gfx card, new CPU, new motherboard and new RAM! Darn, my machine is outdated again!

I’m currently playing on a AMD Tbird 1.2Ghz, 512Mb RAM and a Geforce II MX400 card with 64MB. It’s still ok to play with this gear and most time the game runs ok… unless the mem reach the upper hilt and accesses the swapfile and then it can get into a slideshow for a short moment.

On Dathomir, the gloomy planet.

On Dathomir, the gloomy planet.

My gfx card is outdated! I had to screw all details down but while far objects aren’t rendered and popping up, the closer surrounding still look nice. Water only looks like a boring pad here and I just saw on a screenshot from Lucasarts how realistic water actually looks with a decent gfx card.

Please Lucasarts/SOE, include an option to turn off the rotating animation of objects in the inventory and slotbar! Everytime I open the inv with many objects inside, my framerate drops down to 8 and below.

The game still has many bugs, like the notorious ‘beam bug’ which repositions your character suddenly some meters away from your current position. Yesterday I got stuck in a room and couldn’t get out again. I’ve tried the /eject command, nothing happened. Only after I re-connected the game, I could evade there.

However these bugs are minor compared to the fun that the game provides and SOE/Lucasarts working on updates and so the game get’s an automatic update almost every week (which is installed at the launchpad before the game is started).

Say hi to my new Dewback.

Say hi to my new Dewback.

Small hint for Firewall users here: I’m using Zonealarm and after the game is updated I have to set access authentication for the game exe’s in Zonealarm again. Meaning that the SWG client is allowed to access through other components as well. Otherwise the game will get stuck while loading it.

Not sure tho how it behaves with other Firewalls but might be the same case.

The planetary area is huge! Approx. 15 square kilometers makes a walk from one side to the other taking hours! … Besides that you will run into several dangerous enemies/beasts during that so just toggling run and watch your character running through will not be successful for long!

There’s no ‘area wrapping’. I guess Lucasarts/SOE wants to keep the possibility open to extend the playing area later.

The game has much potential and open end! I only scratched the surface yet. Besides many professions and hybrid professions I’ve heard it’s also possible to become a Jedi though it might be a very difficult and lengthy task.

Per pedes to Mos Eisley.

Per pedes to Mos Eisley.

A ‘Space Extension’ is planned for 2004 and I really can’t await to buy a neat vessel for my smuggler char and step into the footprints of Han Solo! But until that, we have to bear without flying own spaceships. Some free upgrades are in the starting holes however like a ‘ground vehicle’ upgrade. So finally you are able to buy and use landspeeders and swoop bikes at least. And also it should be possible soon to ride some of the pets, for example a Dewback or Bantha.

SOE charges currently ~15$ per month for tha game which sounds high but is understandable when keeping in mind that they setted up several server farms to run the game on and maintenance costs are high. Currently there’s no way around a credit card or more expensive gametimecodes from third party offerers but SOE announced that game cards also will be available soon.

Until then, hope to see you somewhere in the galaxy!

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– german vendor who is selling gametimecodes for SWG.

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