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The cool days of the Fembots

Recently I’m tending to shun most of what runs nowadays on TV!

While today in the twothousands all kinds of TV series theme seems to be only about sex and interpersonal relations, they were all about humor, sarcasm and worse sci-fi in the nineties and even more back in the eigthies and seventies about action and trashy sci-fi.

So despite many people see 80/70’ties action series only as poor film making or trash, I see them with much more value today than 20 years ago and it’s an enjoyment to catch up an episode of A-Team or Airwolf on a Sunday afternoon besides all this spoiled modern tv program!

This website is all about one of the golden age of action tv series which I like to remember, The Bionic Woman, the unjustified critics told follower of The six million dollar man series! The site has a nice retro feel and even has some of the cool sound effects from the series while offering info on the cast, episodes, story etc.

I was hoping some of the episodes coming through on a p2p network someday and it seems I’m lucky today, they being one of the more hard to get tv series tho. I couldn’t find my favorite episode, Doomsday is tomorrow yet, a two parts episode which I remember very well where Jaime has to defeat an insane scientiest who is threating the world with a giant bomb named the ‘Doomsday device’ and she has to infiltrate his secret underground lair which is full of this old computer stuff and traps and all kind of things which make her life more difficult. One of these many charming examples of how people imagined the future during the mid century!

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