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Tools of the Trade Part 5: Filter Forge

December 28th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Filter Forge is a new software for Windows that allows creating Photoshop filters in a tree node based editor. Yep, thats right! You design filters by connecting components together with virtual wires. Imagine the possibilities! The application ships with a standalone tool as well as a Photoshop PlugIn and after you played around a bit with the trial version you might want to file this tool under “apps with that I could spend the whole day long, experimenting with it”!

[ad#gog_arcanum_box]Using the filter editor is a super smooth and intuitive experience. It’s possible to create a wide range of image manipulation filters and texture generators with Filter Forge by connecting components together in the editor environment. You basically get an instant preview of any change you are doing and the tool offers a crapload of other features that make it fun to work with.

Created filters can then be submitted to the Filter Forge website’s Filter Gallery which also is done from within the tool and with these submitted filters the designer gets a chance to receive a price reduced or even a free copy of Filter Forge depending on the popularity of the filters. While you’re at the library check out all dem filters to get yourself a picture of what’s possible with this neaty. I’m sure there is room for improvement and in fact the tool is still beta but it already rocks immensely!

All in all Filter Forge is a brilliant idea and makes you wonder why it took so long until somebody came up with it. Either way, while you’re there check out my submitted creations!

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