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Fun with SWG NGE

… I’m not talking about fun with playing the NGE mind you … when the NGE came live there was a lot of derision and mockery on the official forums. Among all this down pour of anger, hate and dismay about the NGE there were a handful cynical postings of how scenes in the Star Wars movies would look if the NGE had affected them. Because they were so utterly hilarious I decided to save them for later and what better opportunity do I have than to post them here for people who have missed them. In this sense read on and enjoy! :)

… If the NGE had happened in the movies …

Episode V, The swamps on Dagobah:
LUKE: There’s something not right here. I feel cold, death.
YODA: That place…is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go.
LUKE: What’s in there?
YODA: not much….the DEVS nerfed the piss out of it, added some quests for CL 1-20, and threw more bugs in there then the secret passage in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
(Luke starts to put on his weapon belt)
YODA: Your weapons…you will not need them…that nice 1134 max dam rifle you had…now has a max Dam of 278.
(Luke tosses the rifle)
LUKE: My scatter?
YODA: useless.
LUKE: my Bola?
YODA: useless
LUKE: My Lightsaber??
YODA: here dip**edit** let me spell it out for you U-S-E-L-E-S-S
(Luke throws his pack on the ground)
LUKE: Well I’m CL 80…you think I can clear the cave solo…the mobs are only CL 60.
(Yoda mumbles something)
LUKE: well?
(Yoda again mumbles)
LUKE: Are you listening to me??
(Yoda does not respond)
(Luke walks over to Yoda)
LUKE: What the **edit** mate!! Are you playin WoW
YODA: sure as hell beats this joke of a game!

Episode VI, The Sarlaac Pit:
(Lando is holding on for dear life to the pike that Han is extending towards him. The Sarlaac is slowly pulling him in.)
Han: Chewie, give me the gun.
Lando: No wait, I thought you were blind!!!
Han: It’s alright, trust me.
Lando: Dude, stuff’s changed since you were frozen. You can’t just click the tentacle and start shooting. You have to really aim.
Han: *through a big light blur* It’s okay, I can see a lot better now, pal.  *aims randomly, arm swinging everywhere*
Lando: A little higher….just a little higher….NO A LOT HIGHER, HAN! HAN!!!
*Han squeezes the trigger and blows off Lando’s head*
Chewie: *whimper* (Noob.)
from Corbantis.

Episode V, Dagobah:
(Yoda has been testing Luke to see how he handles his semi-forgetful impression of how annoying Jar-Jar Binks could be.)
Yoda (talking to the air): I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience.
Voice of Obi-Wan:Â He will learn patience.
Yoda: *frowns* Hrm. Much anger in him, like his father.
Obi-Wan:Â Was I any different when you taught me?
Yoda: Yes! Different you were, Obi-Wan! Through seventeen professions you did grind before a Padawan you became. Patiently I sat, while makeovers you gave me in the Jedi Temple. This robe of mine, thirty years it has served me, sewed it you did as a tailor. Dug up many holes in the meditation gardens learning surveying, you did! This one, expect to respec and be a Jedi, this moisture farmer?
Luke: But I’m ready! Ben, tell him I’m….
Yoda: *interrupts* Ready are you? What know you of ready? For EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS have I trained Jedi. My own counsel I will keep on who is to be trained! A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind! To not stand around the starport flashing your lightsaber to any random noob who offers a duel! To not cry like a dying chuba at the approach of a bounty hunter because decided to answer your cell phone you did, instead of protect your life!
Yoda: *talking to Obi-Wan again* This one, a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away, to the future, to the horizon….never his mind on WHERE HE WAS, hrm? *pokes Luke* What he was doing! Expect me to train an AFK macroer as a Jedi, do you?
Luke: I guess not. But I have this respec kit with 10 charges, so I’m going to be a Jedi one way or another.
Yoda: Forbidden this is! To become a Jedi without training, unheard of this is in the history of our Order! No discipline! No control! The dark side this leads to!
Obi-Wan:Â Luke, don’t give in to the NGE…..
Luke: *uses the device* Well, Yoda won’t train me, so oh well. I’m a Jedi now.
Yoda:Â But Vader you must face!
Luke: Vader, schmader. I’m gonna show my glowstick to the guys at Toschi Station, laterz Yoda!
Yoda:Â *sigh*Â At least there is another….
Obi-Wan: I sense she’ll be respeccing to Entertainer soon, against her will. There’s a metal bikini involved.
Yoda: Ah, legal she is now. Jailbait no longer she is. Observe this we will, before calling on her. *grins*

Episode IV, Death Star Detention Block AA-23:
(Leia awaits her execution when suddenly a vertically challenged Stormtrooper enters the cell.)
Leia:Â Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?
Trooper: *jump*
Trooper: *dance*
Trooper: *gets out a map*
Trooper: *draws pistol*
Trooper: *drops pistol*
Trooper: *goes prone*
Trooper: *plays air guitar*
Trooper: *grabs a datapad*
Trooper: *slams a bofa treat into his face mask*
Trooper: *begins writing an e-mail*
Trooper: *pulls out a pet song rasp, who flies around the cell*
Trooper: *straightens himself up*
Leia: *stares in confusion*
Trooper: *pulls off his helmet* Sorry, this NGE interface sucks and I forgot how to talk. I’m Luke Skywalker and I’m here to rescue you.
(Later a fierce firefight breaks out between soldiers of the 501st and the princess’s rescuers.)
Leia: This is some rescue! You came in here and didn’t have a plan for getting out?!
Han: *nods towards Luke*Â He’s the brains, sweetheart!
Leia: *rolls eyes* He can’t even talk straight without monkeys flying out of his butt. We’re screwed!

Episode III, Mustafar Landing Platform:
(Padme pleads with Anakin to change his ways and come home with her in a somewhat familiar analogy to the NGE protests.)
Padme: Anakin, you’re breaking my heart! This NGE is going down a path I can’t follow!
Anakin/DarthSOE:Â Because of Obi-Wan?
Padme: Because of what you’ve done! What you’re going to do! Stop! You’re a good person, don’t do this! I love you!
*DarthSOE spots Obi-Wan on the boarding ramp*
DarthSOE: LIAR!!! You brought him here to protest the NGE! /forcechoke Padme
Obi-Wan: Let her go, Anakin! LET….HER….GO!
*DarthSOE lets go of Padme. She crumples into a fetal position and tries her best to look unconscious.*
DarthSOE:Â /mood angry
Darth SOE:Â You turned her against me!
Obi-Wan:Â You have done that yourself!
DarthSOE:Â *pacing and fuming*Â You will not take her from me!
Obi-Wan:Â Your bugginess and lust for the console gamer market has already done that.
DarthSOE: Don’t lecture me Obi-Wan. Everyone knows that the forums are only a small, but vocal, percentage of the actual playerbase. I have brought balance, fun, and excitement to my new NGE!
Obi-Wan:Â Your new game experience?!?!
DarthSOE:Â Don’t make me BAN you.
Obi-Wan:Â Anakin, my allegiance is to the original system, the one that was fun!!!
DarthSOE:Â If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy!
Obi-Wan: Only a Dev deals in absolutes. I will do what I must.
DarthSOE: You will try. *flips and dives like a madman*
Obi-Wan:Â /cancelaccount
Padme:Â /cancelaccount
*DarthSOE lands and no one is on the platform*

Eposide IV – On the Death Star:
Darth : I’ve been waiting for you Obi-wan, We meet again at last. The NGE is now complete, when I left you pre-CU I was but the learner and got owned by KD/Dizzy but now with NGE, I AM THE MASTER.
Obi : Only a master of spamming LEFT CLICK DARTH!
*Lightsaber fighting*
Darth : Your powers are weak old man.
Obi : Didn’t you get the memo, FRS is off! You can’t win Darth, If you strike me down I’ll switch to blue glowie mode and smack talk you all night long.
Darth : You should not have come back, remember how buggy the CU was when they put it in.
*More Lightsaber fighting*
(from Corbantis)

Eposide V – Cloud City:
Darth : You are beaten, it is uselss to resist the NGE, don’t let yourself be destroyed as all the Vet’s who have cancelled did.
*Lightsaber fighting, Luke looses his hand*
Luke : Arrrrggghhhhhh
Darth : There is no escape, soon the NGE will be live, dont make destory you. Luke you do not yet realise your importance, you have only begun to discover the NERF, join me and I will teach you the NGE, with our combined strength we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.
Luke : I’ll never join you and the NGE!
Darth : If you only knew the power of the console gaming market!

Jabbas Palace: Leia rescues Han:
Leia: You are free from the Carbonite
Han: Where am I?
Leia: Jabbas Palace
Han: Who are you?
Leia: Someone who loves you
Han: Leia!…………… but I thought you were a Squad Leader, not a Bounty Hunter.
Leia: I’m not a BH, I’m a Spy.
Han: A what?
Leia: Oh yeah, I forgot, the “Force” decided to change again and now we’re stuck as these silly profs.
Han: Am I still a smuggler?
Leia: Yes
Han: Doh, I wanted to be a Jedi and be Uber1337
Leia: Don’t worry about it, Jedi are teh suxxors now

Episode III, Utapau Flight Deck:
(Obi-Wan engages in hand-to-hand combat with General Grievous.)
Obi-Wan (to self):Â OMFG, how do I fight without a LS?
Obi-Wan:Â *sees electrostaff and picks it up*Â Oh hell yeah, much better.
Obi-Wan proceeds to take a few swings at Grievous before getting pwned and the staff skitters away, out of reach.
Grievous (to self):Â /chuckle
Grievous:Â /unarmedhit_arm1
Grievous:Â /unarmedhit_arm2
Grievous:Â /unarmedhit_arm3
Grievous:Â /unarmedhit_arm4
Grievous:Â /unarmedhit_arm1
Grievous:Â /unarmedhit_arm2
Grievous:Â /unarmedhit_arm3
Grievous:Â /unarmedhit_arm4Â *hits fighter and dents the armor*
Obi-Wan:Â /dodges like a 14-year-old Counterstrike player
Grievous (to self):Â Grrrr…… *examining the fighter damage briefly*Â Dang, gotta go pwn Necrosis to get another one later.
Obi-Wan (to self): Now what? Oh snap, I have a respec device!
Obi-Wan:Â /respec Teras Kasi Master
System Message: That profession is no longer available. Please select another.
Grievous approaches and b!tchslaps Obi-Wan, who falls to the ground, but not before ripping open a couple of the general’s abdominal plates.
Obi-Wan (to self): Ow. Crap, no TKM, guess I’ll have to wing it.
Obi-Wan tries to kick Grievous in the leg, but quickly realizes that shin kicking a durasteel pole is not the best idea for his own shin. He cries out in unspeakable pain and is silently glad that Anakin isn’t around to flame on him for losing his lightsaber AND trying to kick an armor-plated droid as if he were ‘cartoon-version Mace Windu’ or something.
Grievous kicks Obi-Wan, and flings him over the edge of the landing platform! Obi-Wan grabs the edge just in time, barely able to hang on. The droid general, pleased with himself, moves in for the kill.
Obi-Wan: Okay, think quick Kenobi. Respec to something useful.
Obi-Wan: Oh yeah, Force Cloak! /respec Jedi
System Message: You are already a Jedi. However, you have respecced to the Jedi profession and a charge has been used from your respec device. Oh and, you can’t cloak anymore.
Obi-Wan:Â What the….
Grievous gets closer.
Obi-Wan: Gotta remember one of those NGE profs…..maybe officer! /respec Officer
System Message:Â You are now a member of the Officer profession.
Obi-Wan:Â /orbital_strike
Commander Cody tells Obi-Wan, “Dude you’re in a hole. How the hell are the bombs going to get in there?”
Obi-Wan tells Cody, “doh my bad brb getng gankd”
Grievous gets closer.
Obi-Wan: *notices the gun on the deck* Oh, there’s an idea! /respec Commando
System Message:Â You are now a member of the Commando profession.
Obi-Wan:Â /forcegrab carbine
System Message:Â This command is not available to Commandos.
Obi-Wan: Dagnabbit! /respec Jedi
System Message:Â You are now a member of the Jedi profession.
Obi-Wan:Â /forcegrab carbine
System Message:Â You loot a CDEF Carbine.
Obi-Wan:Â /respec Commando
System Message: You have already respecced to this profession in the last 24 hours. Please wait before returning to this profession.
Obi-Wan: OMG this NGE sucks!!!!! What’s left….come on….think….got it! /respec Smuggler
System Message:Â You are now a member of the Smuggler profession.
Obi-Wan:Â *aims and blows Grievous to bits, then climbs back up on the ledge to check the corpse*
Obi-Wan: No quest drop? LAME! I burned how many respec charges to kill this guy?
System Message:Â Seven.
Obi-Wan:Â Hey wait, not all of those worked!?!?!?!
System Message: Yes, but the charges are used up anyway. You have one charge left.
Obi-Wan:Â This was supposed to have 10 charges on it!
System Message: And the CU was supposed to balance the game. You going to use it to get your Jedi prof back or not?
Obi-Wan:Â *mutters* /respec Jedi
System Message:Â You are now a member of the Jedi profession.
System Message: This item is out of charges, and has been destroyed. Have a nice day.
Obi-Wan:Â I am so going to just log out in a house in the middle of BFE Tatooine for like 20 years after this is all done…..

Amidala: Honorable delegates of the SOEnate, I come to you under the gravest of circumstances. The Corbantis galaxy and many others have been ruthlessly attacked by the nerf armies of the Dev Federation.
DF Ambassador: I object! This is what they wanted! I recommend a commission be sent to ascertain the truth!
Fanboi Ambassador: The Council of Fanbois concurs with the honorable delegates of the Dev Federation. A commission must be appointed.
SOEnate Chancellor: Noted. *to Amidala* Will you defer your motion until the commission can verify your accusations?
Amidala: I will not defer. I did not elect to disclose my credit card information so that you can discuss this invasion in a committee!
*mumbles echo through the SOEnate chambers*
Amidala: If this body is not capable of action, I suggest that we all move somewhere else. I call for a vote of no confidence in this NGE.
*alien voices chanting ‘Vote Now!’*
SOEnate Chancellor: Okay. Everyone look underneath your seats and find the keypad to vote.
Random Senator:Â I can’t find my voting keypad!
SOEnate Chancellor:Â Look under the container marked ‘Register Expansion’.
Random Senator:Â Got it, thanks.
*a large scoreboard rises up in the middle of the SOEnate floor, displaying the instant results:Â No 80% Yes 20%*
(With a quick press of a button, the Chancellor rearranges the order of the scoreboard to:Â 80% Yes 20% No)
SOEnate Chancellor: And there we have it. The NGE goes forward.
Palpatine: Foul! I saw you press the…. *Palpatine suddenly is disintegrated*
SOEnate Chancellor:Â Flawless victory.

Episode IV:Â Death Star Docking Bay Control Room:
(Luke, Han, Chewie, and the droids are in the control room. R2 has located Princess Leia’s detention cell.)
Luke: *standing by the droids* The princess? She’s here?
System Message:Â Talk to Luke Skywalker.
Han:Â *double clicks on Luke*Â Princess?
Luke:Â The droids belong to her, she’s the one in the message, we’ve got to help her!

Quest Window Popup:
You have been offered a quest by Luke Skywalker, ‘Save the Princess I’.
If you complete this quest, you will receive:
Cancel? Accept?

Han:Â *clicks Cancel*Â Marching into the detention block is NOT what I had in mind.
Luke:Â But they’re gonna kill her!!!

Quest Window Popup:
You have been offered a quest by Luke Skywalker, ‘Save the Princess II’.
If you complete this quest, you will receive:
Many blaster shot wounds to the chest
Countless bumps and bruises
A chance to be killed
A slim chance of getting some
Cancel? Accept?

Han:Â *pauses briefly, then clicks Cancel*Â Better her than me!
Luke approaches Han and whispers into his ear, “She’s rich, powerful. If you were to rescue her, the reward would be more wealth than you can imagine!”

Quest Popup Window:
You have been offered a quest by Luke Skywalker, ‘Save the Princess III’.
If you complete this quest, you will receive:

A Fambaa’s buttload worth of credits, more wealth than you can imagine
The ability to pay Jabba off and tell him what to do with himself
An extremely slim chance of getting some from the princess
An Alliance Medal of Honor
Cancel? Accept?

Chewie: Rowr. (Dude just /addignore him if he keeps spamming you with quest popups.)
Han:Â *considers the offer*Â I dunno, I can imagine quite a bit.
Luke:Â You’ll get it.
Han:Â *clicks Accept*Â Okay kid, what’s your plan?
System Message:Â Put Chewbacca in handcuffs.
Chewie: ROWR! (Hey W T F did I do?)
System Message: Put on the Stormtrooper armor and escort Chewbacca with Luke to the elevator. Take the elevator ‘up’ to the Detention Block. Shoot the everloving crap out of every last guard, turret, camera, holorecorder, and wall panel in there. (0/275)
Han:Â I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  1. SOmuchforglorydays
    May 24th, 2006 at 11:57 | #1

    I have been talking with a lot of people who playd swg since the nge and have been looking over the forums. SWG is headed to a WOW makeover and guess what those who left SWG DIDN’T go to wow they either got out of the mmorpg life or went to GW, VOID and other games. So my question is what is SOE doing and why wont they put in a pre-cu or at least a post-cu server or 2 it would call soo many players back to the game and give them more money and they wont have to admit they were trying to switch SWG to PS3 or they #%^# up

    I remember the GLORY DAYS OF SW AND SWG

  2. May 24th, 2006 at 12:10 | #2

    I know many ex-SWG-players went over to WoW. But also many played SWG for what it is: a Space themed RPG which is (was) obviously more for the grown up folks. This includes me, I don’t really have any interest in fantasy RPG’s so I don’t play any MMORPG right now.

  3. SOmuchforglorydays
    May 27th, 2006 at 13:54 | #3

    I wonder if there is a way to get SOE to put in one pre-cu or pre-nge server. Why the hech wont they do it, it brings back more players and veterans wich means more money and a better player community. They are now headed into a direction of wow and so their pre-cu and pre-nge servers would be like wows pvp and roleplaying servers in a way. So anyone have any ideas as to why SOE wont put in at least one or 2 of these servers?

  4. 2401 Penitent Tangednt
    June 27th, 2006 at 22:59 | #4

    While I would love a pre CU server just as much as you guys would, I don’t think it’ll ever happen.
    SOE doesn’t want to back track. They want to keep moving forwards; and they feel that they are doing that with this entirely new game and a new fan-base made almost entirely of prepubescent 10 year old boys who seem to always be hitting the top of a sugar high.

  5. Old Skool Dancer
    July 13th, 2006 at 10:36 | #5

    This really cracked me up, its a shame the NGE killed the game.

    So many I know miss the first year, hell the first 6 months that were golden. Even with no mounts, vehicles and with corpse runs.

    Nice to see a lot came from my old server Corbantis

  6. July 16th, 2006 at 10:49 | #6

    I gotta say, I got SWG for being a Jedi, but until I read about how becoming a Jedi in the Pre NGE days was, I was disheartened knowing that what today’s Jedi have become have no meaning to them whatsoever, no hard training to earn just rewards. I wish they would atleast change the way to get Jedi back instead of spoon feeding it to everyone at the character creation screen. I wish I could’ve been there for the Pre NGE days.

  7. July 19th, 2006 at 12:48 | #7

    First off I have been to tons of other mmorpg’s and mmo’s from wow to GW some have fallen and some have climed to the top yet none were as fun as SWG in its GLORY DAYS and none have fallen as hard as SWG. I have talked to many who playd swg and they would all go back in a heart beat if they put in a pre-cu or even pre-nge server with server transfers.
    I just want to say to all SOE devs thinks for ruining a perfect game and spoiling the fun of millions for ur selfish ambitions

  8. Tsu’Jin Dei
    July 20th, 2006 at 00:43 | #8

    I started SWG way back in 2004 I remember when i first started getting invited by a player I met in the game to join a Rancor Hunt Remember those @ the Mining Outpost on Dathomir! From that got invited into a guild then eventaully splitting off with a friend and forming our own. Those times were when Guilds were booming unity between fellow players was awsome I Lead my guild for the time from we form in march 04 thru NGE we are still going but we dropped from 80 Strong with 20-30 always active down to the now 9active players, Good guild players lost due to the NGE making guilds not needed really if you think about it needed Armour can be looted so in respect to that demand for AS not as essential as with weapons. Many joined guilds to be able to call on resources within to aid progress through the game, what better then hunting with the same people you can trust. Now you can solo missions not needing much demand for a group which is essentially what a guild is. But Alas the good old days are gone. Well Still on the Bria server trying to pull the guild back waiting for what SWG changes next. Why not PVP Hoth planet :) Planet solely dedicated to PVP no missions just one constant galactic war to fly into and join.

  9. Kyrrt Dedalt
    July 27th, 2006 at 08:54 | #9

    Played SWG long before CU and NGE. Quit in Dec. of ’04, came back Feb. 06 and couldn’t believe it was the same game. Couldn’t wear my armor, uber guns were obsolete, CDEF was the best pistol out there? WTF!! Anyway, 80% of my fantastic guild was gone, just about 6 of the 40 left, filled in admirably by those that came after I jumped ship. Was a master smug, master pistoleer. All of a sudden went to cl80 smuggler and had to grind again!!

    Anyway, the point is, I respec’d to Jedi for a week and felt like a traitor, respec’d back to Smuggler. Part of the greatness of SWG was grinding your way up to the top to become a Master. If you wanted to change profs, no problem, just drop boxes and grind back up. Everyone did it and it did not detract from the game at all. Now if you want to change profs just respec, easy as pie, but where is the challenge. Now you get to cl90 and your are stuck, at every prof you are cl90, the thrill is gone.

    What a short-sighted vision SOE implemented and forced its player base to accept or quit. They inherently limited what players could do and have not added content to bolster what they took away. None of it makes any sense at all.

    Anyway, I cancelled my account again. I miss my smuggler, i miss my guild but the game just was not fun anymore. They made it all too easy and my right index finger developed pain from all the damn rapid clicking. Curse!!

  10. August 6th, 2006 at 04:37 | #10

    i was on SWG may 2005, i came just when CU started, now i knew people were pissed at the CU , but it is nothing compared to the NGE and the devastating blow that it delivered to a truly good game
    many things have been ruined by this game
    the lack of people on the servers:
    because of the lack of people on a server there is nobody in the player towns, cantinas or anywhere, if you want to take a mission, you better believe your doing it on your own, but whats the point anyway since the profession system is messed up ( having to choose between talior and architect my arse)
    for me it is not the combat that i hate ( although it is a total mess and it should be they way it used to be ) it is the crafting professions, because of the NGE, i am no longer able to pick which crafting profession i want to take,its one or the other , not one and the other , before i could of been an architect and a tailor, but some SOE guy decided that talior and chef are the same bloody class and that architect and shipwright to should be together as well, what a load of crap! i am sick of this ‘upgrade’ and thats why i cancelled my account november 2005 ( i came back in may 2006 to see if things had improved, and guess what they didnt)
    yours sincerelly a p’d off SWG fan

  11. August 8th, 2006 at 05:25 | #11

    After being one of the many to surft the swg forums hearing noobs praise soe and hearing vets curse the noobs and try to input their ideas I like many think back on the old days of swg and now I can see why swg pre-cu or even pre-nge was soo much fun WE HAD A COMMUNITY. There is nothing starwarsy about the nge thats fact. Star Wars was built around a community from fanatics camping movie theatres for the new episodes or going nerd crazy for star wars conventions star wars IS a communtiy and there for that community was brought to swg people loved the complexity of the game it gave them a reason for spending hours on the game and wanting to keep coming back there were always mysteries of what we could do in the game and role playing was fun u actualy felt like u were in star wars not for the profs or the combat or whatever but for the community u felt like your guildees had ur back and if a imperial came at u u knew a dozen rebels would come to back u up. Or if rebels tried to take on the Emporers retreat then you fellow imperials would come blazing in some with their own pet at-(walker thingys lol) When people hit lvl 80 they didnt get on everyonce in a while no they either went for another proffession or did pvp or just explored we were always exploring the mysteries of the swg galaxy and thats what made it fun. I hate the nge and will always hate it and im not sure if i’ll ever go back to swg again but for those still in it build up a COMMUNITY, THATS HOW U GET OLD VETS LIKE US BACK IN THE GAME. in those days guilds were ur familys u knew everyone in ur player city u talked to nabers. u threw christmas parties in december and told stories to ur guild at holiday fuctions
    THOSE MEMORIES ARE WHAT MADE THE (“GLORY DAYS OF SWG”) not hunting a jedi for tons of money not finly getting a new jedi crystal but spending time with the star wars community and friends

  12. Stash
    September 20th, 2006 at 11:19 | #12

    The last post summed it up I was a vet on the Valcyn, a founder of one of the oldest guilds GTB
    on that server, and now it is a dead game, a console game, we of GTB though have stuck together as we wander through the haze of games looking for something that will offer that good old community feel again.

  13. jaja
    October 5th, 2006 at 23:16 | #13

    Ok so ow the big Q> What the hell is a NGE, and all the other acronyms you freekin geeks are useing to bash on a game that is pretty much what you make of it.
    Pathetic whiners go away

  14. October 6th, 2006 at 16:48 | #14

    try putting 2 years of work and play in a mmorpg jaja. Then have them turn it into a completely different game that destroyed the time you spent getting where you were. In parting.. go troll on a topic you know something about. kkthnx

  15. October 6th, 2006 at 17:01 | #15

    jaja, you get something wrong here … the game now is not what we made, it’s what SOE/LA made! Besides …. what nottah said!

  16. glorynotnge
    October 11th, 2006 at 10:35 | #16

    jaja I can ashure u that ur feelings toward the game are alone u apparently like the destroyd game and guess what u and the other 180 people who sitll play it are alone the other 30,000 (ah i took a guess i have no clue how many playd pre-nge or pre-cu) would mob any SOE employee if they showd their face at us

    we have protested the nge for 2 years now and SOE has done nothing to help the game its community is shattered the only players left are 16 and under kids and the things we loved about the game died a long time ago and what has George Lucas to say about this? He doesnt even care he is right now sitting at his desk counting his hundreds finding new was to spend his money while SOE spits on his Star Wars dream.

    devs make excuses players make the game
    may well one day rejoin the “GlORY DAYS OF SWG”

  17. FoRzE
    December 11th, 2006 at 05:22 | #17

    Jaja ur a F#cking idiot do you even know what where all talkin about?
    I agree with nottah, drcolossus & glorynotnge
    Try doing what we did for 2 years!
    You may then earn the right to speak here on this matter

    Wanna relive the good old pre-cu days?… http://www.swgemu.com

  18. December 11th, 2006 at 11:32 | #18

    Today SWG is nothing more than a mere PvP game. Almost a Counter Strike in third person view. The last publish just strengthened that see the Commando, Spy and Medic Expertise. It all comes in for PvP, no content for PvE. And winning PvP basically boils down to how many buffs you have, if you’re a tank Jedi and how many Pixie crates you have left in your storage (I see some PvPers running around all the time with pixie, smells like sploiting!). Jedi have the best options for highest defense and that is in the end what decides over winning or falling.
    I’ve respecced to Jedi a while ago with one of my chars and I have to say its actually fun. Why? … because it’s the game at easy mode!
    Only once I got owned by a BH, he caught me in the middle of a fight with SBDs in the Death Watch Bunker! Other times It was easy to own them and besides read a book and shove a pizza into the oven. Making such an alpha class easily available to every noob will off course destroy the game.

  19. Roarpaw
    December 12th, 2006 at 01:15 | #19

    I have an idea.
    Why don’t all the whiners just shut the f**k up already. You don’t like the game? Then f**k off.

    “Wah wah the game was so much better before the developers “nerfed” it.” (Websters defines nerf as…).

    Sure Jaja is an idiot and gladly put that title above his head by posting. But no one here is any better than him.

    “Try putting two years of work and play into an mmo..”

    What are you mad because you’re not superior anymore? Were you ever superior? Putting two years into a video game doesn’t compare to what you could do in two years in real life. Having a pre-CU Jedi gets you what? …..waiting……still waiting… oh yea, NOTHING! E-peen braging rights? You guys should try World of Warcraft, oh yeah that’s right, a game isn’t enjoyable unless you are on top, right? Well check out WoW, you’ll feel like you’re at home with the number of kids and whiners there.

    Good day.

  20. December 12th, 2006 at 23:17 | #20

    Aaaah! I love it when a pro-NGE troll comes along and drops his obligatory “its just a game!” message!

  21. Emorz
    December 14th, 2006 at 07:20 | #21

    @ Roarpaw

    Your a f^cking idiot. How are we whiners if we worked so hard just to have it destroyed and swept away like remnants of the Old Republic?
    NGE supporters, sure, you like the game. But we Pre-Cu vets don’t.
    So why don’t you respec to Jedi, run to Restuss, and *try* to pwn a Bounty Hunter. Commando? How ’bout a Spy? Jesus H. Christ, maybe even an entertainer can pwn you NGE Jedi now!

  22. FoRzE
    December 25th, 2006 at 09:17 | #22

    Roarpaw Your a f^cking idiot!

    You know what we all know that anyway,

    But i guess u like all the other NGE n00bs sony aimed at,
    are happy with the duh point & duh click,
    I gather u own a console too?
    with our on/off button is almost just enuff to confuse you
    Yeh i guess so,
    This is exactly what i expect from a pathetic under 14 console
    owning n00b
    “ooo dont blame sony, the games much better now im not being
    owned as a novice marksman, I can be the same level as some1
    whos played for yrs & spend hundreds of £’s / $’s & hard effort,
    now i can be the same as the ubers”

    Well no u cant! …& yes we are superior!
    We earned pre-cu jedi & mastered it before you had mastered
    one prof mr n00b & its the same in any game, theres hardcore
    gamers & part timers & then theres the n00bs.

    We all know ur a n00b since u choose to play NGE so why come
    here & embaress urself? now we can all laugh at you & ur silly
    rant “meh im a sony fan boi stop being nasty meh”

    Pfft pathetic boi go back to NGE, world of n00bcraft,
    or figure how to turn ur ps2 on, whichever of the 3 it was
    before u trolled in here!

  23. Bradros
    December 26th, 2006 at 06:06 | #23

    Jaja & roarpaw are classic examples of ‘wannabe gamers’
    never could be a truely skillful player or even a semi decent player at that,
    Which is why the turn to the whine, & its peoples like them that SONY (unfortunatly)
    listen to!!!

    Meh im being pwned, meh i dont understand this game, meh its to hard…
    Oh you guys whine at alll the skilled players in here!
    That spent a lot of time & money to make characters, For SONY to take it away just like that!

    OMFG n00bz STFU & go play on your kiddie consolez *point & click*


  24. VetStar
    January 9th, 2007 at 06:59 | #24

    what Roarpaw said.
    i’ve played since day one and swg is now a game that even those of us that don’t play 24/7 can have fun at pve or pvp. the game changed to make it fun for the majority not the minority of whinning power gamers.

  25. igrecaehe occerewa
    January 9th, 2007 at 07:08 | #25

    yeah, im not exactly your hardcore gamer, however i know a bad game from a good one. the NGE is a mess, but more importantly the NGE is a mess that vetrans ( the majority i would say) didnt even want. it is just ridiculous that a business ( something that is there to fulfill a good or service to satisfy customers needs or wants) would actually would sustain such a failure of a game, a game that the majority want to be changed back. it just defies all logic

  26. January 11th, 2007 at 03:50 | #26

    Since I am being called out. For one thing Roarpaw, I was never elite, I just enjoyed the game mechanics. I never had a jedi, But I grinded most proffesions because I enjoyed it. Up until recently KNR was still going strong on corbantis in the city we made so long ago. I am a manager of a store in a large video game chain and games are my job. So all I am saying is that I paid 15 bucks a month for almost 3 years for a game that was perfect to alot of us (albeit with a few bugs). I salute the SWG of old. Its behind me. Our guild left swg about a year ago and made a home on Smolderthorn PVP. You say play WOW and I do. I imagine you play as EZMODE alliance.. let me guess .. maybe a paladin? Want a real challenge , play horde with us.. we have close to 200 members, (over half are swg alumni) over 18 and play to have fun. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect yours Roarpaw. Try respecting ours.

  27. Doomsmoker
    January 28th, 2007 at 17:49 | #27

    Good times! Yea i left swg to play WoW and when I came back to swg I wasn’t too happy. Bummer man thats about all a dude can say. Since then I haven’t found any mmo experience that even compares. I hope Vanguard gets the job done, but its SOE and after what they pulled i don’t know if i can ever give them another dollar.

  28. igrecaehe occerewa
    January 28th, 2007 at 21:34 | #28

    doomsmoker, i totally agree, i dont feel that i have found any better games than the old SWG and i also dont think i can trust SOE with my money anymore. i dont think they will pull another stunt like this in their games, but i still wouldnt want to take the risk

  29. Taped Out
    February 17th, 2007 at 17:48 | #29

    Well damn man, Im not sure what to say. I havent actualy played SWG but I intend to. (Ok nobody flame me for posting when I havent played yet, I have done alot of reading and im not a newbie to MMO’s )

    I dont know what to say realy. I meen in all honisty the fans of the NGE sound like a bunch of whiny trolls and flamers, but “Some” Not im saying SOME of the fans of the old school version of SWG sound like a bunch of Elitist jurks. Now in all fairness I can forgive this, If I had worked my butt off for 2 years to be a Jedi only to have it tossed into my face I would be pretty damn ticked off. Then again haveing to level that meny jobs just to unlock a force sensative charicter slot realy wasent fair to Fans who just realy wanted to be a Jedi. I can understand makeing the player work for it but Lets face it, a large group of us want to BE the Jedi, we want to have a larger role in the star wars universe, we want to be Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. So im very Happy that the NGE, or maybe it was the CU I forgot wich, Allowed players to start as a Jedi. So in that respect I agree with the NGE fans.

    However, It seems to me that they changed alot more for the worse, the new combat systum aparently sucks, The crafting got a kick in the face and the Camunity of mature, role play interested gamers seems to have left SWG like rats fleeing a sinking ship. THis upsets me greatly and makes me sympathize with the Anti NGE group.

    I hate the thought of haveing to blow 2 years of my life so I can play and Role play as a Jedi, but I think I hate the idea of SWG haveing lost the Star Wars feel as well as thecombat systum being screwed up just as much if not more so. I realy wanted to play this game, honist to god I was looking forword to it and now that im finaly looking at owning a computer capable of Running the game it looks like it’s allready 3/4th of the way into the grave.

    I dont know if I should even bother anymore…maybe with time things will improve, but there so much negativity floating around the net about this game that I cant tell if it’s just hate or lagitiamit Lamatation for a golden by gone age. :(

  30. igrecaehe occerewa
    February 17th, 2007 at 21:41 | #30

    ok so heres the situation.

    ive signed up for a month of SWG to see how things are progressing, im hoping to see a bit of improvement from may 2006 ( my last subscription date)

    so far its been ok, i mean it would be better if there were hunting groups and community like the old days but the atmosphere isnt too bad , the cantinas are full with usually a few vets to talk to

  31. February 21st, 2007 at 03:25 | #31

    Dear Tapped Out,
    I did make it to Jedi before NGE. And it was a kick in the head to find that what I spent 2 years to attain could be done in day 1. BUT when you have a game where an Alpha class can win 100% of the time in pvp then it is only the Alpha class who can participate in PvP and you have killed a part of the game for the majority of players.

    I enjoy PvP alot because of the excitement of it and the challenge that I know I am up against a real person. My first reaction to the NGE was hate but I soon found the game was actually a lot more fun. My opinion now is that SWG is on a the fun scale moved from 5 to 9 (10 being perfect)

    The current balance of combat classes gives people the chance to find a play style that fits them and be competitive. I’ll not say every class is exactly even but each have thier weakness and strenghts(note some classes are better as support roles). You must learn how to fight each class. The best part here is that if you decide you don’t like your professional specialites or your combat class for a few credits you can move everything around to try something new and still maintain your combat level.

    While I think nothing is more fun than pvp there is more to the game than that and my guild mates often drag me off to show me.

    The other thing the NGE did was reduce the amount of grinding for all professions. PreNGE was a grind fest. There is still some grinding but PostNGE I have found that you can gain CL while having fun playing the game.

    Bottom line is don’t listen to the nay sayers. Try the game for youself. It’s a great game with more and more vets returning and new players signing on everyday.

    May the Force be with you.
    Elder Jedi of Starsider

  32. DeathBringer
    March 10th, 2007 at 15:27 | #32

    I hate this game(for what SOE has done to me) but love it so much that every once and a while i get the itch to pay for another month to just try to relive the good ole’ days. All of you can say what will but there were negatives and posetives to NGE. Elders hate me, post NGE players hate me if you want to for saying this.
    Sure we all miss being the elite jedi, feeling we worked for something, the fact that we put in the time to be the leet class.But in the same sence being able to just pop out a jedi from character creation is good too, but it isnt the SWG way… i guess if your looking for this play kotor or something.All you that say grinding was a bitch Pre-NGE, thats how it was and what all of us loved about this game you grinded w/ your buddies, your guildies hell the people who were your family. Made us feel like we accomplised something together, which is the reason the made MMO’s… dont think the made it to grind by yourself. As i said earlier SOE i will forever hate not so much for NGE but the fact that they have no respect for there players. When I first played NGE i found out that i didnt resive a elder jedi badge, what i do ?… Tried to sort the problem/glitch out w/ SOE, guess what they told me… Pretty much to deal w/ it or go screw myself. I have to say though the second a Pre-CU or NGE server or some sort comes out i will sure be there

  33. Veckie
    March 30th, 2007 at 11:21 | #33

    Well, i just want to put my opinion out there.

    QUESTION: Post-NGE players… you come to a topic that was created to make us pre-CU players get a lil’ chuckle out of what has become of SWG. then we start posting our opinions of the game. then YOU come in and start dropping the F*-Bomb all over and cussing us out. this is partially why i no longer play. there are WAY too many 14-15 yr old boys, high on testosterone (((spell-check lol))) that ONLY want to show everyone they learned a new word. so they cuz out half the people in Eisley for “lagging the server”.

    2nd of all, what are you basing your opinions on?!,… you were’nt there BEFORE nge so how could you compare PAST to PRESENT… i on the other hand can. why you ask, because i WAS there before NGE and i CAN compare PAST to PRESENT.
    the game was desighned to ACCURATLEY portray the episodes that everyone loved and watched growing up. and it started that way. working players hard to get what they wanted. then as it happened over-night NGE was released. the game wasn’t desighned to be a nub-fest. i never saw anakin or Luke just ask Yoda to be a jedi and *poof* they were. NO, they worked there asses off to get it, and THAT is what the game was SUPPOSED TO portray. but screw that,,, thats not why the game was great.

    the game was great because of what it was. the community was mature, kind and HELPFULL, you DIDN’T have to be an ubber elite in order to participate, i was only part-time gamer and i LOVED it, sure i never got past lvl 30 but i didnt care, cause it wasn’t that important to the game. i could be a 16 and travel to LoK and ask for grind group and get like 10 inv. no-one cared how noobish i was, it was a community game … an MMO, thats what it was… we went out to kill dino’s and chat. get loots and lvl.

    there’s nothing left for the TRUE SWG players… when i say that i mean this is what makes you a SWG player… we loved the game to an adiction, some even got a rush from it but it was GREAT, friendly ppl everywhere, and when you played you felt like you were shooting episode VII or something, it was the movie. and we LOVED IT!, but NGE took it away and now i guess you could compare most of us to a crack-adict who just got busted by the 5-0 and locked away. he wants the crack back so bad, he’s goin crazy and will do anything, thats all we want, we want the OLD SWG back, but here’s the thing, we dont want a track-back, we want our OWN damn servers cause believe me when i say that YOU are the reason we WONT join the reg servers. we want a DESIGNATED server so WE can go have our fun and you can have yours. cause i they roll-back, then we get stuck with a bundle of whiny b!tches and the game is still f*ed,

    hell i would gladly pay 30$ a month for a Pre-CU server… WAIT i am… THANK GOD FOR http://www.swgemu.com/ but i tell you now, if ANY NGE lover joins their servers, the GM’s will not put-up with it, you will get yo ass booted soo fast. thats one thing SOE wont do, which is CARE for your community,

    now please, NGE lovers just leave us alone, we DONT get along, so stop GOOGLE*n “PRE-NGE forum” just so you can POST A “ha you whiny b!tches suck b@lls” comment, we dont goolge NGE lover forums and trash you, but thats what makes us different, we have MATURITY and thats why 2 yrs l8er we still post with eachother and chill.

    SWG is a screw-off of BF2142, futuristic FPS with good graphics, … AKA a console game… i just wish SOE would realize this and make a SWG console edition and give us the MMO back, cause right now, SWG is not an MMO, its a HUGE ass FPS server with no time limit.

    im done for the night, i know my post doesnt make alot of sense but read the thought, not the words. im pissed off and so are you,

    if you want PRE_CU BACK!!!: PLEASE PLEASE visit http://www.swgemu.com/ and donate, its a small group of volunteers working for NON PROFFIT, they just need donations to keep the wbsite and the one SWG server they have UP and running, w/o your donations, OUR dream FAILS, PLS HELP US , SOE already destroyed it once, but we are now rebuilding ontop the ruins of hell,… help the server grow and live … once again its FREE to play, but donations are NEEEEEEEDED bad, pls pls pls visit http://www.swgemu.com/ … thats http://www.swgemu.com/ yes … http://www.swgemu.com/

  34. June 2nd, 2007 at 05:35 | #34

    You’re an idiot or you don’t enjoy pvp or maybe both. Otherwise you would know how much better the game is today than pre-nge.
    sorry but pre cu sucked. I know i’ve been here since day 1.

  35. kesmi (infinity)
    June 2nd, 2007 at 08:51 | #35

    Rawr, I hated the NGE when it first came out, but with expertise Im starting to enjoy it… tho now with chapter 6 seeing as I’m an elder jedi I am a litlte overpowered.

    The only two things that annoy me right now… is the increased NPC damage output and armour… ok this was brilliant in the CU cos you could get groups easy but 90% of the time if I wanna go do HK or something I cant get anyone to come with me, I can however duel account with my medic close behind to rez lol.

    Second thing is Spys, hate them. They are a pointless useless profession that just incourage ganking and grifing players, it needs to be removed from the game imo.

  36. NGE isnt bad….
    June 27th, 2007 at 19:19 | #36

    Star Wars Galaxies NGE

    Most of the MMORPG of this moment have only 9 professions of choose or less so should we have a game with 37 professions when like dancer or singer could be made an entreiter and make expertise on singer or dance for example.
    ANd you should be there to help new players,make new cities and make swg grow stronger then opposition.You are here telling that you dont like the nge etc. SWG isnt giving money to make older servers but to improve and put nw expansions.
    But withput hardocre gamers like you the game will not survive must longer in this year.
    And other thing you cant enter the forum saying that ypou hate nge … yyou must thgink before writting or you would get banned… try pm a moderator or administrator of the forum asking what you wil need to do to get banned.
    The game will not change much more about proffessions because it has already nine and about the armours and items you should first read any doc about nge before starting again the game.
    I love the nge UI foir example.

    I hope all have re-organie your mind and think that a bad thing like kesmi sayed can became a good thing

  37. Chaze
    July 24th, 2007 at 15:37 | #37

    To Taped Out:

    Hey I know what your saying about how everyone wanted to be like “Obi-Wan, Darth etc.” but see that wasn’t the point of SWG…

    If you want to be a large part of the story, play a console game, I’m sorry but you just canNOT make anyone player important in an MMO

    I’m not flaming you by any means, just kinda clearning that up I guess

    SWG doesn’t even exsist to me anymore, they should’ve just changed the name of it to Jedi Online after NGE… SWG is just a memory we’ll never have back because I’m sorry but no offense the SWGemu isnt going to happen… sorry to crush dreams but don’t get your hopes up SOE will be all over their ass

  38. AnferTuto
    July 27th, 2007 at 22:45 | #38

    Hola faretaste

  39. ifantis
    July 28th, 2007 at 20:04 | #39

    Im 24 and I still play NGE I loved playing Pre NGE so much more than I do now. I dont know why im stuck on SWG even after they ruined it. I guess im still hoping one day they will switch back to pre NGE. I loved actually being needed by guilds as a trader. Now everyone has thier second char as a trader, only having 1 character made you useful to other people in the game, exspecially as a trader or a doc. I remember entertainers werent just for buffs either you actually needed them all in the game. It may have been the perfect game, I dont know of any other game that depened so much on the community like swg pre nge did. I love the space MMO games with eve I got tired of always being in space and Any other space mmos i have heard of were total junk. unless soe fixes swg before stargate worlds come out im dropping my swg account forever. If they fix the game back up ill probably play both. Ive also heard that SOE is getting stargate, that actually scares me a little, i hope soe has learned there lesson from swg and wouldnt do this to sgw. Also with swg starting up the player run senate maybe we can get some things changed back

  40. NGESUZ
    July 29th, 2007 at 16:55 | #40

    Hi i play on the eclipse server since 05 march 30th… im 12… i know wat ur thinking gtfo…. ive come from pre cu ffs! i think i know wat these ppl are saying, the devs completely fvcked up on making a decision so sh!ty making a jedi so simple as clicking a mouse where as pre NGE you would have to fvcking work you azz off at the fs village!!!!!!! And whoever said there wont be a SWG PRIVATE SERVER or emu. who gives a shit? half of us think it will b a great success and the other half think it will just leave us hanging on the verge of cliking the cancel my subscription button for SWG…. I still play … but msostly on tc… Well. To sum this up NGE fucking sucks.

  41. laloenliguing
    November 6th, 2012 at 23:58 | #41

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