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Good Old Games gives Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games Freebie for Beta Users

This is a great gift from GOG.com! For anyone who has registered an account during their beta period (which lasted at least over a year, I think) they are giving away a copy of Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games for free to anyone.

If you’ve read my blog for a while you will probably know that JA:DG counts to my absolute favorite games (together with JA1) so expect utmost nerdiness whenever I mention this game. For anyone who doesn’t know this pearl of a game yet, it’s a turn-based, tactical strategy game with role-playing game elements where you control a squad of mercenaries around wilderness areas of enemy territory to fulfill various foolhardy missions. The main difference of JA:DG to it’s prequel is that it doesn’t come with a particular story or campaign but with a collection of scenarios and an editor that can be used to create your own scenarios and campaigns. The biggest fun part of JA:DG are however the many characters that you can choose from to assemble your team, which all have their very own quirks and perks.

If I wouldn’t already own the original box of this game I’d probably be even more looking forward to this gift but as it stands I’m going to enjoy getting this game yet another time. There’s something to the first two JA’s that the later and newer Jagged Alliance 2 titles lost. Maybe it’s the story of JA2 that I didn’t like so much or it’s simply the cozily tootling MIDI music of the first two games in this series.

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    I hope you have stayed with the JA community long enough to have seen some of the campaigns and MODS built by those of us late comers to the genre.
    We have carried Jagged Alliance by Making new maps, countries and Mercs from the Original JA2 word of Arulco and Tracona of JA2.5

    Stop By and see if you like what has made us ALL nostalgic about this phenomenon!!


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