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Review: GT Advance 3 Pro Concept Racing (Game Boy Advance)

We’ve been to her majesty’s sisters house in Koga the last weekend which is around 1h from Tokyo and spent a lazy Saturday/Sunday there and mostly played games on the GBA and PS2 of my niece in law which convinced me enough to buy a Gameboy again and so I’ve went to buy a black GBA SP last week. A great yield!

My favorite GBA game of the moment for it is GT3 Advance Pro Concept Racing! This game means a lot of racing fun on the Gameboy! The track design isn’t really 3D but uses mode7 which means it is rather a flat plane with the track on it and several obstacle sprites on it but IMHO looks better than the clumsy graphics of Collin McRae Rally.

The gameplay is almost as fun as it was with GT and GT 2 on the good old Playstation and the car design and driving behavior can’t be complained about. You have to master some driving tests before every of the four modes to get a license and you get tuning parts and new cars (overall the game has 97 cars) when winning races, just like in the original GT. The music could be more diverse but is OK while it’s composed using the GBA’s chip sound and the sound effects are very well done and things like the motor noise even change if you use another muffler for your car for example. The track design also is enough diverse and there are day and night tracks as well as different weather conditions. You can save your game (and cars) every time which is a feature that was missing in earlier GT versions for the GBA.

The game is fair enough to proceed with not too many attempts. Often it only depends on which car you are using for a special track. The car stats actually only consist of handling, top speed and acceleration which is too few IMHO. There should be more stats like on the PS versions and I wish the devs would have put some information about if the car is a front wheel, back wheel or 4×4 drive. For now you can only guess this unless you know that the real car has it.

However this doesn’t limit the gaming fun too much and I can strongly recommend the game to everyone who likes car racing games. I would say it’s currently the best available racing game for the GBA.

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