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Harry Palmer, the only true spy!

Incidentally switched onto communal TV program tonight to catch up the most of the rest of Funeral in Berlin, an excellent spy movie from 1966 with Michael Caine starring as cult status attained Secret Service agent Harry Palmer.

Most of the story plays in Berlin where an old KGB chief plans his desertion to the west side. The movie conveys the quiet and sneaky atmosphere of the mid-century espionage movies greatly, not as exaggerated as James Bond movies of course while staying always a bit more authentic. As a fan of such movies a feast for me! Too bad I didn’t caught up the beginning! Guess I gotta have to watch it then someday fully again.

There’s a well sorted website, dealing with everything about thick-spectacled Harry Palmer which you shouldn’t miss to take a look on for a load of background infos and photos!

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