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His Dark Majesty (Atari 800 XL)

September 1st, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Back when I was younger … much younger … the first computer I ever possessed was a Atari 600 XL which I got from my parents after a lot of begging. I had exactly one game for it, a cartridge with Jungle Hunt on it. Needless to say this got boring very quickly. My friends all had a C64 already and so it wasn’t until long that I also got a C64 and sold the Atari to a friend.

Back then I always knew the Atari was no match for the mighty C64 and for some part (16Kb RAM) this is true. But I never really realized until recently that the Atari 600/800 XL had much better graphics than the C64. The 256 color palette was already way ahead of it’s time and it had 4 sound voices instead of C64s 3 voices etc. But I suggest you see for yourself about that in this nifty video showing gameplay of a 2010 produced game, the RPG named His Dark Majesty

video with courtesy of marquisor

  1. September 1st, 2010 at 07:20 | #1

    I never realized how good the Atari was. Learn something new everyday. I especially like the team gameplay and turn highlighting – very slick for an 8 bit. Mind you the thing that made the 64 kick ass was the chip glitches that were able to be exploited for games and demos. Full screen 24 fps multi-directional scrolling, sprite multiplexing, ah memories.

  2. July 1st, 2011 at 07:04 | #2

    I’ll try to put this to good use immeidetaly.

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