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Loading Zip files into Flash … yummy!

November 20th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

This might be old news for you but I’ve just coincidentally stumbled over an ActionScript 3 class named FZip that was written by Claus Wahlers and Max Herkender which provides functionality to load standard Zip compressed files into a Flash movie and unpack them on-the-fly. This is amazingly useful and I can see a lot of possible use for it in the future.

It also reminds me of an AS 3.0 framework that I started to write a while ago which provides all kinds of file reading and writing means. It can read and write compressed and uncompressed XML-, text- and binary files. The file writing is currently only done by use of mdm Zinc but support for other data storing methods like for example LSOs are planned and I can imagine that this could be extended with native file writing once Apollo is live. Also the compression it uses is based on AS3’s own ByteArray GZip compression but it writes it’s own custom header tag to the files to identify the file type, compression, original file suffix etc. Eventually I also started to add encryption classes so the compressed data can be encrypted before.
However this started as an offspring from my current game development project where I want to use it to keep external data files compact and it is still in beta. Now that I found FZip I’m thinking about adding support for it as well so the publish date for this is delayed a bit more.

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  1. November 20th, 2006 at 21:51 | #1

    Small correction: The ‘standard’ might be a bit misplaced. At least I haven’t managed to load a Zip file that was compressed with WinZip yet.
    Also PkZip/Unzip seems not to do it.

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