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mdm Rebus – Turning AS3/Flex2 applications into .NET2 executables

mdm is working on a new tool named Rebus that can turn AS3 (and Flex2) files into .NET2 executables. It’s still in beta but registered users can download and test it. I’ve did a quick test and compiled my SWNameGen with Rebus and it went surprisingly smooth and flawless. It will offer some new and interesting extensions, to quote from the mdm support forums …

[ad#ad_content_small]“At the moment, approx 700 Methods & Properties are implemented which are documented in the included Help File. Several new features are included which are not yet available in Zinc (e.g. audio recording and CD ripping, SFTP, better Joystick support, create forms at runtime, load encrypted movies from memory stream, nested context-menus).”

(btw the mdm support forum is one of the best support forums I’ve encountered so far! I really wish some other forums would take that as an example …. *FDT forums* … *cough* *blink blink* ;) ).

Personally I’m not very interested in developing .NET applications but there’s another good news coming our way … mdm is also working on a Zinc for AS3. Imagine the possibilities! With AS3 now being fast enough for many compression algorithms (JPG et al) and stuff that wasn’t possible before (C64 emulators) and Zinc adds many new features that Flash doesn’t natively own for security reasons or whatever (e.g. file writing). I just hope they are offering an update option for Zinc 2.5 users for this!

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  1. July 1st, 2006 at 12:22 | #1

    Wicked. I have been creating wrappers for flash in .net for ages but if there is a tool that can be extended :o) swaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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