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Moments in Gaming 3: Grager’s Yacht (Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic)

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Back in the days when computer games still required you to use your imagination to play them there was a role-playing game pearl named Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic, one of the many scifi-themed RPGs back then which today are only sparsely seeded in retailer shelves.

Future Magic was first released for DOS and a port for the C64 was published later which looked almost equally good as the DOS version with excellent graphics done by Michael Kosaka. At times the game is quite bizarre. For example there is a planet with ranchers and farms just like in an old western. Another planet has two very high towers that reach into the orbit and these are the only colonies on the otherwise untouched surface. On another, icy planet you scout an abandoned research base which is overrun by saber-toothed creatures … but this is how the games were made in the golden age of RPG. Despite the number in the title a follower was never developed for Future Magic but instead the acclaimed Hard Nova served as a spiritual sequel.

The game let’s you control a group of five space mercs who are send out on a mission to stop mysteriously appearing raiders which are attacking ships in the local system. Right after your ships drops out of hyperspeed you are being attacked by them. However while the other ships of the space convoy with that you came are trying to fight them you are able to take some distance and locate a yacht floating in nearby space. It’s the space yacht of a tycoon named Grager which turns out to be a luxurious vessel full with the newest technology.

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  1. July 31st, 2010 at 02:50 | #1

    These games I really like is pure classic reminds me of my old days thanks

  2. Gato
    March 26th, 2011 at 07:48 | #2

    Thanks for writing about Sentinel Worlds I, I’ve always thought it was an awesome (and underrated) game . In the time I bought the cheat guide along with it (it was written almost as a novel) and enjoyed the game for months. The sound effects and music where just perfect, you really felt each blow! I still got the original case and disks … but lost every game I bought in between… it must mean something.

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