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Review: iPod Shuffle

I’ve bought myself an iPod Shuffle finally after pondering about a couple of mobile players. This device is the second best thing after sliced bread.
I don’t wanna dig to deep in details here so I make it short, here are the pro’s of the iPod Shuffle …

– Excellent sound quality! The included headphones are top notch IMHO and have enough bass that even Drum’n’Bass sounds good on them! The Volume can be cranked up pretty high too.
– 1 GB Memory = ~240 songs and 12 hours listening.
– Compact! One of the real good points on it! I can put it in the small sleeve pocket of my shirt or into the front pocket and jump around and it would not be in the way or annoy.
– Simple use! Only the most necessary functionality is included! Loudness up/down, Play/Pause, next/prev track, fast forward/backward (by holding the skip buttons), normal mode or shuffle play. That’s it and that’s what most people basically ever will need for an unhindered music experience.
– Sound quality is very good! (I said that already but I say it again ;) )

Here the cons:
– iTunes! For me iTunes is one of the most user unfriendly tools ever seen! It runs sluggish and takes ages before you can use it (because it updates all kinds of stuff), it hijacks file types, re-installs Quicktime etc. etc…. all the nasty program! It first copies for whatever reason a selection of tunes from your collection to the iPod. When I start it, it tells me that it updates the iPod but I never tell him he should do that (and it cannot be turned off). After about one hour I was able to finally copy tunes to my iPod Shuffle! Once you have figured it out you can actually start enjoying the iPod which is a cool and useful gadget nevertheless!

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  1. May 14th, 2006 at 01:50 | #1

    You can easily turn of auto-updating in the preferences.

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