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Skinjob Delicatessen

There are people who are completely captivated by Blade Runner and I’m somewhere between them and the halfway of being absorbed. If you don’t count to them, there’s a good chance that you don’t know the Blade Runner Esper Edition Soundtrack yet. So was I until some days ago!

The Esper Edition is a two CDR bootleg compilation of all music that occurred in the movie from beginning to end. Not sure where the author got the missing pieces from – possibly even recorded them out of the movie – but the quality is quite nice and there are finally these music parts like Deckard Enters The Bradbury or Taffey Lewis Night Club that I’ve missed painfully every time I’ve listened the original motion picture soundtrack.

Problem is, there were only a limited number of 10 CD’s of this jewel out which makes them ultra-rare! But let’s not forget about our helpful p2p apps like {place your favorite here} to find this lovely collection.

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  1. May 14th, 2006 at 00:38 | #1

    This is pretty late, but people can contact me through my website if you want a copy of this.

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