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Space smugglers hobby room

We’ve been to the Star Wars Science and Art exhibition in Ueno yesterday. It was held in the Basement halls of the National Science Museum and I can tell it was worth the visit!

They had tons of models present which were used in the movies, from the Millenium Falcon and Star Destroyers to AT-AT walkers and the original sized Pod Racers. Also most of the costumes where put on dummies and it was very interesting to see how lo-fi the costumes from the ‘old’ episodes actually are but how real they look in the movies. The space ships were probably the most impressive things there! The 61x76x21 inch model of the Falcon was a good example on how to make a space ship model look authentic, it looked rusty, dirty and had details like laser shot holes in the hull.

Several video loops were running, showing how various techniques were used to achieve special effects like the AT-AT walkers in The Empire Strikes Back who were taken single-shot, moved by a small amount, single-shot again, repeat. Heavy efforts!

The thing is that in my opinion the episodes 4-6 looked much better, though they were created without using any CG while the episodes 1-3 used tons of CG but in most cases didn’t looked so authentic. Or do you think Jar-Jar-Bings movement looked real? I hardly believe! I represent the stance that George Lucas made the ‘new’ episodes too much kids-tailored anyway!

The whole time Star Wars Music were running in the background and helped the right atmosphere. We’ve bought the exhibitions guide book at the obligative fan article shop and while this 225 page long book is in Japanese and makes it hard to read for me yet it covers a whole lot of the material that was showcased plus much more which wasn’t shown. I’ve took some examples from the book. It’s full of model photos, storyboard excerpts and interesting facts.

If you are in Tokyo and like Star Wars, I can recommend to visit the exhibition which still is running until 20 of June. I wish I could have taken photos but that was absolutely prohibited.

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