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Star Wars Galaxies – A slight breath of hope?

What do you need spells for if you got a decent Blaster Rifle?!

What do you need spells for if you got a decent Blaster Rifle?!

According to this forum post on allakhazam.com, the result of Lucas Arts Focus Group discussion about the future of Star Wars Galaxies most participants yelled for a server rollback pre-NGE in unity.

Star Wars Galaxies suffered a huge loss of players in late 2005 because of the NGE total game damage that a certain Julio Torres who thought he might be funny came up with (dataleak reported). Obviously the royals at Lucas Arts and Sony Online Entertainment were envious about the high sale counts of other MMOG’s (WoW) and tried to make Galaxies conforming for dummy players. But somehow Fantasy themes are much more popular than the Star Wars Universe (something I personally will never understand).

Though there is alot of false publicity from SOE and Torres striving in the wild of the official boards and gaming sites about how well the NGE was accepted, it was obvious to them that SWG went nose-dive after the NGE was published. The damage was done!

The question for them is: what to do now? Many of the players left SWG and went over to other MMORPG’s, some of them are happy with it, others think they are a poor replacement for SWG and wish that SWG would come back like it was pre-NGE or even pre-CU. The SWG servers are yawning from emptyness with too few players on them. My once shiny bunker house that I got when pre-ordering Trials Of Obi-Wan surely has thick layers of dust in it’s vaults! How many players would come back to SWG if it would be rolled back and how many of the new post-NGE players who are fine with the current game would leave because of a rollback?

I have managed to not play SWG since the NGE came live (4 months now) but I would resubscribe without a second thought if the game was rolled back, simply because there is no other MMORPG that has the amount of complexity that SWG had before. If I wanted to play a no brainer shooter, I’d use any of the FPS’s out there. WoW is too simple for my taste, the graphics are inferior and the population too childish and besides I totally don’t dig fantasy.

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  1. SWG for THe old Days
    May 14th, 2006 at 01:52 | #1

    Great Post
    I did everything i could think of to protest the nge i even created a master plan that would get soe’s attention but sadly all the loyal players had left and the noobs of swg found comfort in it’s brainless professions and some of the old pre-cu players didnt want to work for jedi so when they could just have an ionic profession jedi they jumped for it and my plans were ruined. I have been all over the internet seeing anti nge posts but it makes you wonder if soe cares. They can pull out of Galaxies anytime they want or they can keep realing in more noobs who wont like the pre-cu cause its “too hard” but we can always remeber what the GLORY DAYS of starwars were like even after the very last episode

  2. Billy G.
    May 14th, 2006 at 01:52 | #2

    We are intelligent humans, not apes SOE!!

  3. Rarvous
    June 3rd, 2006 at 05:01 | #3

    I agree that NGE was a horrible thing i left for a few months and then recently came back i have three friends that are actually still playing and its getting worse. i was fine with CU but now this whole dumbing down thing comes and it ruins the game. i came back to test it out for a month and will probably stay not because i like the new “enhancements” but because WoW just wasnt as pleasing.

  4. June 18th, 2006 at 06:53 | #4


  5. John Doe
    June 20th, 2006 at 15:28 | #5

    To me, entertainment is as important to life as is eating food and breathing air. Without it, the rough edges of life would tear at our souls and eat us alive. Hence, my desire for a truely entertaining world (namely an MMORPG) set in a Galaxy far far, freaking away is overwhelming. I remember SWG when it had 30 proffessions…..It was too good to be true. The game in my opinion just needed to be polished and balanced slightly….For some odd reason, things that are good in life have a tendancy to self destruct…well swg self destructed big time…how much ? imagine jabba the hutt swallowing a thermal detonator for lunch… you get the picture? things got all yucky…..To make a long story short….I would like the old swg back sooo much, that I would put into Sony or whoever owns swg’s bank a down payment of up to 100 dollars. If they brought back the old swg (around the time when the first jedi unlocked) and just improved on it a little. I would be back into the game sooo fast that the mere speed of me signing up would cause a chain reaction in the atomic structure of the universe and end the world as we know it.

  6. rarvous
    June 21st, 2006 at 05:23 | #6

    what we need to do is start a petition arguing that NGE sucked and that SOE would make so much F***ing money that they wouldnt need to even have other games and if they wont listen to us then well they are beyond repair and have officially put the last nail in SWG’s coffin. raise up against such assholes so we can actually have fun.

  7. Rick
    June 27th, 2006 at 15:08 | #7

    I so agree Nge stinks to high heaven i was so close to jedi then i log back on to an empty fs village i was dumbfounded. Swg should of remained true to the Elder players and not have chnaged all servers to this pitiful excuse of a system. I might as well be playing CS! Plus the elder status makes it unfair to the beiners so its actualy hurting them, elder just have a foot in the door of an uperhand and elder jedi well of course make normal jedi look like skunks( which by the way theres way to many)

  8. July 10th, 2006 at 07:24 | #8

    I started SWG a week into launch.

    Grinded 20 proffesions till I unlocked.

    Camped Lord Nyax for a ;year to get cash.

    Left for wow….Wow sucks but I worked HARD for 2 years to become a jedi. I cant tell ya how it made me feel to fire up my saber the first time after all that work. Loved being a master rifleman master defender. Was A BHs worst nightmare with my 1018max dam T21 (krayt) ITS ALL OVER

  9. Chris
    July 13th, 2006 at 00:13 | #9

    I miss the profesion trees. The variety of everything, from the foods one used to the clothes one wore.
    Hanging out in the cantina before the grind of the night, getting in the group you wanted to be in, and having a ton of fun getting to know knew people or hanging with guildies of your own.
    Like I say, the variety is gone…
    Now my Elder wears the cookie cutter Elder Robes supplied on the first day of SWG’s ending.
    I ground the Village, after grinding a few more than neccesary profesions and badges, grinding… That was what made SWG what it needed to be. A comunity of folks working together and against in a way that made you want to create a toon that reflected you, not a “Iconic” cookie cutter image that is not at all you, just to play a dumbed down game in the dusty worlds of a once great comunity.
    We need Pre-CU!!!

  10. Yobi Qenobi
    July 13th, 2006 at 12:20 | #10

    Yea I was there. We all were. Getting full template was the first thing on my mind. I didn’t even get to finish before NGE came along. I believe I was MLS, 4020 Defender, 4000 Healer and 2000 Enhancer. I was so pissed. I hear that the SWGEmu’s are bringing back the Pre-Pre CU. No word on when yet though, but soon to release a test server. If you want more information, contact me on AIM at Npor311. Or E-Mail me at Artososaari42289@hotmail.com.

  11. Eric
    July 14th, 2006 at 08:28 | #11

    I totaly agree with what everyone says. But I have dev freinds and they said that the person in charge of new game enhancements and new revamps, say that they are rolling us back cu. Also they have started it already, peice by peice, player bounty hunting is back expertise system is coming back, so dont give up yet, they said it will take 5-10 publishes/chapters to do it. But it will be worth the wait. :)

  12. July 14th, 2006 at 11:06 | #12

    Eric, I’ve heard the same! They’re not rolling back but forward to bring more things back like they were at CU times.

    Player BH hunting is back. Not only can Jedi’s be hunted but everyone who killed somebody in GCW PvP and he got a bounty on his head from the victim.
    They are going to bring Target Locking back (and leave manual targeting in as a second choice). Seems like they finally realize that manual targeting was a crap idea!

    I can only hope they will bring some more professions back in, especially of course CH! The creature logic is still there, e.g. droids can be called and attack. So whats the big deal with stating that pets are to compilcated for the NGE system?!

    Either way I say the same: wait a bit but don’t give up the game completely!

  13. rarvous
    July 14th, 2006 at 16:11 | #13

    I have given up on Star Wars Galaxies.I will periodically return to check in but im basically over it. I personally will never willingly “play” another SOE game unless its SWG to check in like i said i do not wish to feed their addiction of destroying perfect things. So as my parting word to SOE…FUCK YOU

  14. Ridduck Wyatt
    July 18th, 2006 at 06:17 | #14

    I loved the days where masses of people would gather outside the tusken fort, cringing at the idea of going inside, we’d have tons of people camped outside while 1 person goes into lure 1 of them out, but he gets aggroed by 2 tuskens and they slaughter everyone there. WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE BEAUTIFUL SWG DAYS!?!?!?

  15. InfiniteWeird
    July 25th, 2006 at 12:57 | #15

    All I have to say is AMEN!!!

    I canceled both my accounts just after the NGE hit.. This weekend I managed to get drunk and nostalgic enough to renew one of them, by the time the game was done updating the next day I had sobered up and it is a decision I regret. Needless to say after trying to play for an hour or so I uninstalled the game again and canceled my account, again… Such a disappointment.

    The game is a ghost town now, if only there was some way we could convince them to start just one pre NGE server. I wouldn’t even care if I had to start completely from scratch again..

  16. Zenomorph
    July 25th, 2006 at 13:01 | #16

    Why did they make the NGE? To help people play the game so it is easier. SO i guess what they are say is that you can’t learn anything from playing it more often. This nge is crap!!!!!!!!!! I liked the good old days when there were the different tree proffessions!! It was way more competeive back then. They also had more choices such as pikeman, Teras Kasi( sorry if i mispelled), fencer, ranger, and a lot of other proffesion that were taken away from us. After the Nge it limited us to 9 diff proffesions. All that i know is that it was perfect they way it was, but now it gets worse every second!!!

  17. InfiniteWeird
    July 25th, 2006 at 13:09 | #17

    Humm, was just surfing the internet and came across something you folks may be interested in looking into..


  18. luko Vandora well thats what they used to call me
    July 26th, 2006 at 04:26 | #18

    well swg was simply the greatest game ever made there not much else to say..ive tried playing all the other mmorpgs and i cant stand them
    why go back to burgers once youve had steak

    i just wanna let soe know if they see this i glady pay 50 dollars a mouth just to play the game like it was

    im not big on video games …i dont even play my playstation at all

    but swg was not a “game” it went way beyond that and i think we’ll all agree

  19. July 26th, 2006 at 08:25 | #19

    After looking at something called SWGemu..which seems to be a pre cu trying to start up. I have decided that it seems like they have no servers..and are looking for donations. Sorry but Im not going to send money to someone I dont know under the belife that one day there going to set up a pre cu or at least a pre nge server. I think that you’ll never see your money or the pre nge game ever again. I do want to say that star wars galaxies was a part of my life..Friends I met I still talk to daily. Hell I spent 2.5 years grinding with these ppl they where like family. SOE…why would u settle for 10k noobs instead of 5k veterns who have 2 or more accounts and would NEVER leave the game?


  20. Zenomorph
    July 26th, 2006 at 11:17 | #20

    SWG is probably the best game ever and it stiil is! But, right now i think that they should bring back the old days! They would bring back more of the veteran players, which means more money for them, and keep the players that are playing now. To me thats a win win situation.

  21. Ycochal (Intrepid)
    July 27th, 2006 at 00:20 | #21

    I want anything pre-nge. Give me back my MBH and Master Carbineer. I went to wow, but it is all about gear. Give me some buffs and a avg. to above avg. weapon and let’s go raid some mofo bases….

  22. Jekk-Jekk Soriano
    July 27th, 2006 at 12:34 | #22

    Ok first off why does the SOE think they would get more people to play and make more money with this nge……. it sucks they just lost A TON of money because everyone just left the game……. idk why they dont make a >> few

  23. Jekk-Jekk Soriano
    July 27th, 2006 at 12:42 | #23

    Umm about what I put up there hope you can read it all cuzz its like half a page long……….

  24. Matt
    August 21st, 2006 at 10:52 | #24

    Man the more I think about it, the more it makes me sad. The things we use to complain about (standing in line for buffs for example) ended up being some of the best things about SWG. I will probably use SWGEmu but I cant trust random people to keep their servers running. The only plan I have so far is to start my own server running it and invite my fam and friends– but jesus Ill miss the good old days. If I was told when I bought the game what was to become of it I wouldnt have wasted 2 1/2 years grinding, and loving the game! Its strange how sad a friggin game makes me feel… SOE are a bunch of f-ups. I realy cant imagine them going all the way back to Pre NGE or CU, thinking on the short term they would think all their work into NGE was wasted… and of course they just keep adding more useless crap to the pill of garbage that was once a smart and seriously badass game.

  25. rarvous
    August 21st, 2006 at 11:44 | #25

    it really is fucking sad i mean i loved the old swg but there really is no real way to get them to change it back unless everyone was to quit their accounts and what makes it even more sad i dont know if that would even help those facist fuck bags should all be kicked in the mouth

  26. Your Special Friend
    August 30th, 2006 at 02:19 | #26

    Theres actually a number of SWG private servers up and running that are PRE Cu pre NGE . you can find them by simply typing in ” SWG Working private server” on google . I currently play the Exile private server and find it very fun , even though theres little players , we all gather together and sing laugh and remember the old days ! its quite emotional really T_T

  27. August 30th, 2006 at 11:05 | #27

    @Your Special Friend: The SWGEmu thing starts to intrigue me so I’ve checked some websites, among them this one …. http://www.swgservers.com/ but in there FAQ is written the following:

    My character is missing??
    Some updates made to the server requires the admins to wipe the database clean. This means all accounts and characters are deleted. This usually happens during most updates so please expect your characters to be deleted. If you have specific items you want to keep on your characters, please write down the @giveitem # for future reference. This will allow you to generate your items easier when you create your new character.

    … WTF? I mean whats the deal to play the Emu if your character is deleted at every update?!?

  28. InfiniteWeird
    August 30th, 2006 at 11:09 | #28

    The EMU isn’t even in the alpha stages yet, this means the servers that are up are pre alpha servers and are not complete, thus when they have to change things around for testing purposes things can and will be deleted. Once the EMU goes gold and is finished I imagine this will not happen anymore.

  29. Chris
    September 2nd, 2006 at 00:05 | #29

    SWGEmu is at a standstill….
    “just thought id give you the heads up and low down on one of the many ….issues..going on with the swg emu dev team (or whats left of it) atm. According to several of the devs….the project is on hault now due to the lack of a reverse engineer, this includes combat btw.”

  30. rarvous
    September 2nd, 2006 at 00:17 | #30

    well ever since joker left the whole thing pretty much went down the shitter i mean he was one of the biggest contributers code wise to the cause. so i know we’ll make it through i would learn to code and do the whole thing myself if they dont

  31. Irocnv40
    September 9th, 2006 at 06:25 | #31

    I would be super happy if SWG went back to the old days when groups ganged up on Dath to hunt…..Man that was awesome!!!I had 3 accounts that I would reactivate…

  32. Kisani
    September 9th, 2006 at 09:14 | #32

    i just wanted to let you peeps know, that i work in a game shop, and anyone that even LOOKS at buying SWG now, i slap them and kick them out of the shop… as long as i work there, i make sure people dont fall in to the SOE trap and pay for the shit that is the NGE SWG… hell, i didnt even like the CU crap they posted out! i want what we all want, old school SWG where u could have so much fun with doing whatever u wanted, whenever u wanted, because your choices are endless…

  33. September 9th, 2006 at 10:26 | #33

    Oh yea the good old times and gloomy Dathomir! I remember when we went out hunting with a 20 person group and low level players always got slain instantly by purboles and baz nitches on the way to the mission. There was this feeling of jeopardy all around you! Today Dath is like a walk in the park!

  34. TLM
    September 27th, 2006 at 00:30 | #34

    absolutely agree. however, soe have no reason to restore the old system as the presentation of the game has improved significantly and is therefore drawing new players in to replace the veterans. emu servers wont get far either. all the big headed elders will invade it and leave no room for the more polite and friendly players. good luck i say, you’ll need it emu

  35. Nile
    September 27th, 2006 at 04:46 | #35

    I Started to play swg 3 years ago. Pre NGE was hard however it was fun because I wasnt handed anything. I had to earn everything in game. I loved the old system of becoming a jedi because it was great fun and more exciting. All those professions actually helped support eachother in some way. SWG servers were full of people and it was a massive community. Everyone needed eachothers skills and abilities.

    NGE cheated us all of our gaming experience. To attract players who only play for a short time they lost players who were loyal to the game and played with pride and dedication.

    I have always loved star wars and will allways love it. I enjoyed playing SWG alot and became closer to the game while I was Ill.
    to me its like SOE dont care about us. We never mattered to them, if w e did then they would have listened to us.

    Players make games, games dont make players. Its in the players hands wether a game survives or dies.

    SOE never understood that concept.

    IF the servers were made to preNGE not even CU. I would Subscribe again without a doubt.

    Or if they want they can actually test by launching 5 PreNGE servers and see how fast they fill up.

    I really miss SWG, my friends and feel sad when I think about the 2.4 years I spent playing SWG and then be pushed aside.

  36. Lacky
    October 6th, 2006 at 12:31 | #36

    Sony has becoming a laughing stock.

    Look at them recently. Sony has a god complex, they think what ever they do will instantly turn to gold. Oh good work sony those UMD’s did well NOT. I hope your Blu-Ray crap fails too. OH crap my Laptop battery got recalled! Did someone say ba ba ba bankruptsy?

  37. kaytra silles
    October 18th, 2006 at 05:12 | #37

    SWG was my first game…yes first game ever and what a first game! I loved it! And I left after the first butchering of it and have been pining ever since. Bring it back how it once was please! WOW just isnt doing it for me! neither is my cardboard cut swg game i made to make me feel better :’-(

  38. kaytra silles
  39. Krosa
    October 22nd, 2006 at 13:48 | #39

    I literally loved that game. I was part of the high council in the biggest Imperial guild on one of the biggest servers (bloodfin). I was living the good life in that game, the equivalent of corporate millionaire playboy. But to the hardcore players like myself the game was truly ruined by the CU, the NGE just added insult to injury. Even Weird Al Yankovic sang a song titles “The Good Old Days of SWG�

  40. October 22nd, 2006 at 13:58 | #40

    “Even Weird Al Yankovic sang a song titles “The Good Old Days of SWGâ€?”

    LOL! Is that true?? I didn’t knew that! Thats hilarious!

  41. oldcorbantisplayer
    October 27th, 2006 at 13:09 | #41

    can someone send me anything on any updates pre-nge especially.


    just want to see progress on getting old swg

    i used to play.. then played wow and Wow

  42. oldcorbantisplayer
    October 27th, 2006 at 13:13 | #42
  43. sorrow
    November 21st, 2006 at 12:31 | #43

    I have an idea but we would ALL go to jail for it. we go on strike with SOE stand outside their building and protest. But what the hell am I thinking it wouldnt work i just know it. Anyways my REAL point is i miss it when jedi were the best and they could heal people and damn do I miss CH I loved CH then i was 1 badge away to being glowy then I logged one night then suddenly I noticed SOE (hell) broke loose. I was more pissed then ever. So I make the folowing statement…. *ahem* SOE YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!

  44. JAY JAY
    November 23rd, 2006 at 11:43 | #44

    I am curently a new player and personally i thought this game would be WAY more challenging. after a while it does seem to get boring and i would love to try the game as it was before the new update came out. I expected a more challenging game with more thought. but now it seems that all u gotta do is point and shoot!

  45. sorrow
    November 23rd, 2006 at 15:46 | #45

    Trust me it was way more challenging then especially trying to be jedi. Until friggin NGE came along NK is way too easy now I can solo him without any buffs on back then I remember what it was like to go to NK alot tougher than you thought. But now for some reason he gets stuck in the floor and you can just shoot his ass down after that its just pathetic. The only challenging things are HK droid army and well anything on mustafar.

  46. AK
    November 26th, 2006 at 03:26 | #46

    This game was perfect for me compared to other games out there now. Its strange that all the games ive played have just seemed like “games”. Where as SWG was more than a game to me and i miss it alot and to me it was just perfect. Sure i got bored everyone once in a while so i would just not play for about a week then come back again without cancling my account. Id pay £50 a month for pre-nge/pre-CU.

  47. Mike
    November 28th, 2006 at 12:00 | #47

    i agree with rarvous bout a lot of this. its actually a good plan and many would contribute to it besides the noobs that cant work for what we had to earn in the old days. Heres a plan and i hope all ears are open… make a public speach in ur server rebs and imps to quit swg. time to step up and be leaders. we all need to quit the game to make soe realize what shit they made the game. cmon people… how bad do u really want swg back. if u do so much, Stop the Whining and do something about it, or else live with it. all i know is that im not gonna take this shit much longer and im doin somethin about it!

  48. Force Commander
    November 30th, 2006 at 02:34 | #48

    Hey guys i live in SA and is a huge star waRS fan!!! Ive ordered the game(complete online adventures) from America,WHAT tips and hints can u give me?????


  49. December 20th, 2006 at 22:09 | #49

    I made a living making buffs. I sold my account on ebay for $650.00 after the first overhaul. SOE is retarted for ruining a great game. I’m so glad I got out when I did. I feel sorry to hear SOE ruined the game even further after I left.

    Those were fun times back in the day.

  50. why do you care who this is
    December 31st, 2006 at 09:16 | #50

    why not get every ex-glaxiey player who quit to sign a petition saying they will sign up again if soe and lucas arts has a roleback and brings the old swg back so they could tell be the number of names that it would be a wise financial move to roleback or make like 10 servers old swg again
    Ps because of the amoubt of signatures i estmate there are many hundreds if not thousands of ex – galaxys players make an electronic petition (a blank word document you type your name, user name, charter name or whatever onto)
    Pps spred this to other forms if you ever want to see old swg again(coppy and paste thats all it takes)

  51. January 1st, 2007 at 01:22 | #51

    Pre-CU FTW! SWGEmu FTW! Europe-Nexus FTW!

    FUCK YOU SOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. January 4th, 2007 at 03:08 | #52

    Check out http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/PRE-NGE/index.html and spread the word.

    Its a Petition to bring back some PRE-NGE Servers. Maybe if we can get 100k signatures we will have some pull with SOE/LA

  53. Joe
    January 5th, 2007 at 13:42 | #53

    i joined SWG sometime in january 2006 and SOE just kept screwing it up

  54. Jody
    January 13th, 2007 at 12:24 | #54

    I remember the day’s in the Beginning when a player was scared to even think about going to Endor…and we all use to meet in coronet to group up for the Big Hunt and alot of us dead on that planet …How I long to go back there and hunt…and Tame baby animals to sell or trade…Master Creature Handler was my first profession….
    How I long to use a Holocron again to see what Profession I must grind in to get a little bet closer to being a Jedi that I worked so Hard for….now I have a SWG game and the Expansions sitting on my shelf collecting dust….
    Wondering if they will ever make a Server for those of us who would like to play the game the way it was in the Beginnig……Yes even I would try that one out…no jedi running around ..only those who have worked there Hearts out to gain that one Great profession…that no one else dare touch…from the lac of will power or just pure being lazy…I guess they don’t know how much money they are losing …and how much they can make from just opening up a few servers with the Beginning on it …Yes I long for those days….and the Newbies on the game now ….will never understand until the play it from the beginning..and My guess is that they all would come back To that one great game called Starwars Galaxies.. the New beginning

  55. January 15th, 2007 at 01:50 | #55

    Hey, i never played STW pre cu..or…any version of it actually, but reading these forums has lead me to believe that it was a game that i could have been into. I play WoW which is fun, but alot of times i feel as if i am missing something. I also play CoH/CoV which i enjoy because it’s the only game i know of were you can fly, or jump insane distances. Another thing i enjoyed about wow was the customization of your character’s looks. Despite the fact that i enjoy these games i still feel as if there is a better game out there and i’m missing it. I’m a guy that spends hours at a time searching the net for a truly unique game..and havn’t found it.
    Anarchy Online
    SWG/emu[stopped, found it to glitchy]
    Guild Wars
    and many more, none of which fit my fancy.
    I’m desperate here. I’m a guy that spendsm ost of my free time playing games of some sort, weather it be console. pc or what not. Games are important to me in my life right now considering i am a college student, and work a shit job and i don’t have the money to go out and shoot pool and what not. The point of this post is i’m desperate for something truly unique, hell so desperate i’ll pay for the informaton. Please someone help me..please. I’m getting tired of wow, and as far as CoH/CoV I role play more than i actually play the game. The game goes stale after about 30. Can anyone give me any info? Weber7385@aol.com, it’d mean alot.

    On a side note, i’m sorry about what SOE did to swg. I used to play Everquest. I remembered it’s content, it’s role playing community, the hours spent traveling to a new area and sso on, then soe takes over and introduced plains of power. Magic, armor, weapons, whatever you needed was in one place, no one had to move, period and virtually every town was desolate. So i know first hand what SOE can do to an online community. In my personnal opinnion Sony should stick to making TVs/VCRs/DVD players/Consol type systems and leave the online gamming world to the big dogs.

    Again Weber7385@aol.com
    please help me

  56. January 15th, 2007 at 01:53 | #56

    Sorry for my spelling, i know i butchered SWG with STW. English is my second language. I know how huge the Star Wars fan base is and i hope i havn’t offended anyone.

  57. January 15th, 2007 at 12:01 | #57

    Russel I don’t think we can expect anything innovative coming out very soon! As long as something produces lots of money the big makers are going to milk it. And generic fantasy MMORPGs are the poppular thing now for every standard consumer on earth.
    Personally I can’t see a fantasy themed games anymore! It’s just everything the same *YAWWWWN*
    Pirates of the Burning Sea sounds interesting but lets wait how it will become. Then there is the Star Trek MMO in the making but I’m afraid the player base will be more worse than the current SWG player base is, most ST fans are true geeks!
    Basically there is not one MMO out there that could fit to my taste … I like SF and space themed stuff. Most are too simple (SWG just got one of them).

    January 27th, 2007 at 02:15 | #58

    I cant help but feel sad when I think of SWG pre-nge.I was a member of DMG-Inc on Gorath and I can honestly say those guys were like family and SOE ruined it for everyone.If they ever release a server with the pre-nge I hate to say it but I would be the first in line to give SOE even more of money.

  59. Jody
    January 27th, 2007 at 03:49 | #59

    I want everyone to know that there are people working very hard to bring back the Pre-cu the Website is http://www.truegalaxies.com. go there and become a memeber I think you will like what you see and tell them that solarmanJc sent you…come one come all….
    May the Force be with you

  60. Jody
    January 30th, 2007 at 08:04 | #60

    Testing the SWG Pre-cu on Feb. 16 come and Join us on True Galaxies.com its fun and most of all its free…!!

  61. Lobo
    February 2nd, 2007 at 03:55 | #61

    Wow, what can I say but about 90 percent of you guys are right on. Man the pre-cu/pre-nge days where nice to me. To me it was more like real life. It was about who ya know and who you knew that could get something you needed. It was about being a smarter player…hiding, force run, fd, dots…chance loot. Now there are basic types for everyone to loot. Lava crystals, Bains heart, no real sdots for guys, and basic in game armor. Boy do I miss the old days. It saved me in a divorce, or caused it Im not sure. The thing is….IT WAS WORTH IT

  62. Taj (Intrepid)
    March 14th, 2007 at 17:23 | #62

    heh.. swgemu.. their going to be the cause of my second divorce and im looking forward to it.

  63. Nak
    March 18th, 2007 at 16:22 | #63

    I’ve been playing SWG since launch. I started in this game when having an AT-ST was amazing, so having 3 guard you was THE status, when pvp was fun and battleground areas marked by the tall static pillars in the middle of nowhere… actually worked. Many ‘upgrades’ where promised to us, just as the vet smugglers. SOE started dangling the promise of a combat improvement. This ‘upgrade’ was promised to us for months then we were told that the upgrade was onhold to concentrate on Jump to Lightspeed. That after JtL, they would devote their staff to finishing this supposed upgrade. Christmas came and went, JtL released. Nothing happened and we bitched but nothing changed. Then the “combat upgrade” came and we were stunned. It was awful. Holding your weapon slowed you to a walk? It took 5 min to kill 1 mob with 2 people (1 Bounty Hunter, 1 Commando) throwing everything they had at it. Horrible gameplay. They should’ve fired everyone on the combat “upgrade” team and hired new people. The NGE in comparison.. not nearly as bad. I don’t like the “iconic” profession limitations. I don’t like the decreased character creation scales, they aren’t as versatile as they used to be. I don’t like droppable loot. SWG had always been about crafter driven economy. If I wanted loot, I’d play EQ or later.. WoW. I don’t like player Jedi being in the game. Let me clarify that… Any player Jedi. I’ve always been of the no player Jedi ingame EVER school. It isn’t set in the right time period for the hordes of rampant player Jedi running the servers now but that’s a whole other can of worms. Everybody wants their jedi, their slave 1’s, their yt-1300’s, their mandalorian armor… they don’t care about canon. But I digress. If SWG released a server running the original game experience system and versatility, I would start over on that server. The game as I bought and originally played it, no Jedi, no combat upgrade, no NGE, no mandalorian armor… hey, I can dream.

  64. Ozni
    March 27th, 2007 at 12:24 | #64

    I agree, I dont know why they dont open a pre-cu server, and a CU server. One thing I know is the two versions, if ressurected, would be forever packed, and they can make money off those servers. When the NGE came out, I fuckin deleted my characters, I had a Elder Jedi, and he fuckin owned, I loved my Jedi, and dedicated about 6 months getting him. I finally had gotten my Jedi a week before the NGE came out, but once I saw the NGE, I was seriously dissapointed, I couldnt believe that the creators of the game didnt give a shit about the players. They took a great game, and completley destroyed it, and they gave us no way to have it back. Once I deleted my characters, Star Wars Galaxies, sent me a link, with a list of reasons why I quit. But the list was doctored, and I couldnt even choose, or tell them why I really quit, because there options had nothing to do with why i really wanted to quit, fuckin greed. All I can say is, I hope that someday, an emulator is made so we can all enjoy pre-cu, and CU again. What Star Wars Galaxies did is wrong, imagine you bought a brand new Ferarri, and the Ferrari dealers call you one day, and say they are going to give you a free upgrade. Then they run a tank over your car calling it a (free upgrade). That is exactly what happened to star wars galaxies, the game is a total piece of shit now. A fucking total piece of shit!

  65. Beebz
    March 30th, 2007 at 00:44 | #65

    well all i got to say is fuck soe and all its employee’s for ruining the best game on the planet

  66. Jon S.
    April 13th, 2007 at 09:50 | #66

    I just want to say get over it. Sony never has, and never will, care about its’ community. WoW just isn’t a great gaming experience, its like AIM in MMO form. If you want fun, join up with one of the games made by people who ACTUALLY CARE like Mythic (DAoC gets more attention in a week then most MMOs get in their existance, as well as the future Warhammer game which will probably receive the same treatment). Sony just continues to make ideas which would be great IF they actually learned how to listen to their communitee. I would personally not join SWG if it was brought back to how amazing it was before, only because I know Sonys true goal is their customers wallets, not their satisfaction.

  67. April 13th, 2007 at 10:36 | #67

    “Sonys true goal is their customers wallets, not their satisfaction”

    Sorry Jon, I have to disagree with you. Sony’s main goal is to keep expenses down.

    If Sony’s true goal was customer satisfaction, their customer’s wallets would fly open.

  68. Jody
    April 24th, 2007 at 09:21 | #68

    I feel we need to fight for this game if we want to play it
    I sent an Email to CNN News But I don’t know if anyone is listening ..they had an Article on Star wars ..so I emailed this how I felt about it
    So I feel we all need to send them a Email ..Maybe CNN will Take a look at what SOE and LA’s are doing to the people who really Love Star Wars

  69. James (Jebba Leska *Bria*)
    April 26th, 2007 at 08:27 | #69

    Star Wars was the best game i ever played. WoW is an item grind. SWG was perfect. . . . No Levels. . (skillpoints). . there was combat, there was healing, there was economy. . . . there was planets and resources. All walks of life. And for anyone who remembers catinas, how you could litteraly be happly playing just sitting and chillin there. TKM . .. . . . SIGH!!! TKM was soooo much fun. . . soloing rancor missions. Not needing a doc to fix ur wounds. There was a game that had peoples hearts. I would give anything to get it back up and rolling. I would work with any team who wanted to get it back up. I would devote hours time and money to get my all time. . past time.

  70. S2000
    May 9th, 2007 at 13:52 | #70

    … i want swg back… but better…. wish justin timberlake would….. be Bringing NGE back and i noticed they put back Entertainer… wow… i hate them still slow heads ahh god damn it im almost tempted to use that swg emulator.

  71. Karl
    May 21st, 2007 at 09:58 | #71

    SWG should be free because its not fair for me because im only 13 (about to be 14)and i cant get a job yet and my parents dont want to pay for it because it is too much money but they would pay for xbox live though.So they should make it free or just make it for the xbox 360.

  72. Tom F
    May 31st, 2007 at 01:04 | #72

    I played pre-cu for a long time. I mastered over 20 proffessions. I had tons of friends, lots of money. Everything was great. Then they released the CU. It sucked, but i still kept on playing. But when the NGE struck, i couldn’t take it any longer. I quit.
    And for your information SOE, if you did take some servers back to pre-cu, i still wouldnt come back. Because i hate you with all my guts, and your never
    gonna get one more cent of my money.
    Luckily the emu should be finished in august…

    veteran SWG player

  73. §tapDrayin
    June 5th, 2007 at 13:54 | #73

    I’m with you on this one. I played SWG sence launch, hold 2 unlocked jedi 1 pre pub 10, one post. I left when they anounced the CU, went to WoW, and was later told of the abomination torres threw on the game w/ NGE. NGE was for retards and CY was for WoW wannabes, BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL!!! I’m talking Publish 10, and no later, no more stupid preorder rewards or vet rewards. take a leaf out of the PvE content of WoW and the game will once again rise to the top. I garuntee it.

  74. Strezin (AHAZI)
    June 21st, 2007 at 08:28 | #74

    Heres how it went down it was like any other morning i got up from bed after a long night of credgrinding on dathomir (rancors go rawr!!!) and i double click my swg icon on my desktop (clickicty click fucking happy day) then i sign in and load her up i spawn in the mining outpost….checking my friends list…… wtf whats this little window in the corner… soon to my surprise it was a window of death and fucking destruction to the game i loved how the fuck do they get off making nine professions from 34 how do they think that was a good idea. im probably going to go try this bullshit emu maybe it will be good but i don’t think its gonna happen.

  75. Guner (Radiant)
    June 21st, 2007 at 15:55 | #75

    i joined star wars galaxies just after pub 10.. it was my first MMO, and the only MMO that would satisfy me. First, i would like to point out that when i started playing, i was only 12 years old, so all of this stuff that they told everyone, like “we are making it easier because the learning curve was to steep”, yeah, well if i could do it at 12, i’m sure other people could do it at 16 . The fun part is that it was steep, the game wasn’t just a buy and play for a few minutes to get to master, you actually had to LEARN, and frankly, it kept a lot of the noobs away from the game. This game was my life, i was in a great guild, made tons of friends, and just had an overall great time. I liked it so much, when i was in 8th grade, i made a the letters “SWG” out of a piece of wood in woodshop, i absolutly adored this game. I can still remember my MArchitect/MMerchant, i had the greatest time crafting, and then i eventually went MBH/MPistoleer and started my FS grind. I was close to getting initiate, but then the CU and NGE hit, and it all went downhill from there. My whole guild pretty much left, including me, although, we still go on the forums every now and again. The point is, this game was a part of my childhood, and when they unveiled the NGE, it was a like a knife to the heart. Never again will i be able to meet up with all my guildies. My only hope is the Emu, which luckily is comming along great. Sony, if by ANY small chance you read this, please bring back Pre-NGE and Pre-CU, that was literally the most fun i ever had in my life.

  76. Strezin (AHAZI)
    June 21st, 2007 at 22:51 | #76

    exactly we need to group instead of posting nostalgic letters about the old days and join the few petitons out there as a group and show them they can profit from a rollback

  77. Strezin (AHAZI)
    June 21st, 2007 at 22:56 | #77

    any one who wants to join up with me and make a web site or furom dedicated to the sole preservation of the actually swg game and call for a roll back my screen name is Athet12@aol.com AIM: athet12 dont be afraid to talk to me about any type of project to make our voices heard on a larger scale.

  78. Ush (Tempest)
    July 6th, 2007 at 04:32 | #78

    Man, this is some crap. Even after not playing this game for a long while I’m still pissed off! I started playing not long after launch and moved to the Tempest galaxy when it opened. I spent several YEARS, let me say that again YEARS developing my characters and guild/city to be one of the well-known of the galaxy. The game changed instead of making a seperate title for the kiddies and all the hard work from myself as well as others like everyone on this board went to waste! I am currently supporting the swgemu community and hoping it is completed soon. When it is completed I plan on running a server of my own dedicated to taking care of its players. I have to tell ya, nothing felt better than entering my comments and pressing the cancel button when that piece-o-crap got implemented! Even though I still show hate for their teams and company I am sad to say I would return to the Galaxies if classic servers were implemented. I would return to steal their code and hand it over to the emulator teams and tell them to F*** OFF once again lol.

  79. This Game could have been awesome
    July 19th, 2007 at 14:06 | #79

    I am very sad that I never got to play this game back pre-NGE. I have recently tried WoW and EQ2 and while both games are fine (with my preference being EQ2) I am a huge fan of SW and this is exactly what I would want in an MMO, not another WoW ripoff. I would buy this game in a heartbeat if they would roll back a server. If you google this there are thousands of people who want the same thing I do. But instead SOE doesn’t care. Instead of opening just a couple of pre-NGE servers for people that are willing to play the game to get Jedi. I fear though that I will never get to play this game the way it should be played.

  80. cornfused
    July 26th, 2008 at 04:16 | #80

    A does anyone know how to get on a private server?I have got to lvl 90 and i’m kinda bored of it (2 jedi,1 commando)and now i kinda wanna play for free so can any of you tell me plz?

    you can contact me at connorhoernke@yahoo.com

  81. gothchick
    August 28th, 2008 at 05:10 | #81

    When I started the game the week it opened, I landed at Dearic on Talus (near Corellia) knowing nothing but eager to learn about this new world I had entered.

    I walked right out of the starport and into the medlab and signed up as a Medic. I learned about wounds and combat from the people who came by to get stitched up. Often they paid with the skins and meat they had harvested. I learned about fatigue and the benefits cantina. I learned about crafting medicines to speed healing and the pursuit ever beter quality resources.

    Later, I ventured out into the wilds of Dearic with little more than a rifle and a survey tool in persuit of resources for better medicines. I learned about automated harvesters, houses and factories. I worked up enough cash to move to Coronet on Corellia, and became a Master Doctor, and continued to increase my rifle and survey skills. Eventually I became a much sought after doctor, buffing people in front of the space port. People lined up a dozen at a time for my services and paid well. I also ventured across the galaxy with my T-21 Rifle, and an army of resource harvesters in persuit of greater resources and riches. And along the way I tried many professions, made many close friends and had many adventures with them.

    What other game has offered an experience as diverse and personal as this? Certainly not WOW, nor any of the other hack/slash/quest/gear clones. I’m still waiting for another good game.

  82. August 28th, 2008 at 12:14 | #82

    Oh yea, the era of homeless doctors in Coronet! :) That were good times!

  83. python
    December 23rd, 2009 at 19:11 | #83

    i loved nge, i started during nge, never gota chance to play cu, but to me these new changes to the combat system and stuff kinda blows u cant really solo in pvp much at all even if u knw what ur doing, it was nge that u had to knw what to use when to use it, knw ur toon and hw to use the specials and such that made it more fun for me

  84. dylan
    April 17th, 2011 at 13:41 | #84

    i am gonna start playing and ill uppdate you guys who arent playing any more soooo many years have passed mabey something has improved:)

  85. July 29th, 2011 at 13:11 | #85

    Just wanted to say that I’m using my Andoid phone to look at your site right now and it looks fab. Dead easy to read on the screen.

  1. October 14th, 2014 at 15:14 | #1
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