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Animated Bitmap Class

September 23rd, 2007 21 comments

The AnimatedBitmap class provides functionality for Bitmap objects that are animated by using a series of still images. When creating a new AnimatedBitmap you provide a BitmapData object that contains an image that consists of the ‘single-frame’ images for the animation.

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Hexagon Framework Effects Demo

May 28th, 2007 7 comments

Here’s a small demo that I threw together yesterday which shows how the effects in the Hexagon Framework effects package can be used. The effects package contains classes that are used on display objects to apply an animated effect on them. That is not all however. The effects send a signal back to the calling class when they are finished and there are two more classes with that effects can be arranged, namely the EffectChainer class and the EffectCombiner class.

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Flash Filter Lab – The Flash 8 Filter Construction Set

August 31st, 2006 1 comment

[ad#ad_content_small] … quite awesome! In case you’ve missed it, you can create your own Flash 8 Filters in a Construction Set-like environment where you connect virtual cables to generator boxes (think Maya’s Hypershade or Native Instruments Reactor). I haven’t touched the Flash 8 Filter stuff that much so far (mainly because non-Flash 8 jobs who keep me away from it *grrml*) but I think it’s about time as the lab demonstrates how much potential is in that. It’s a pity though that calculation-intensive Flash’s Bitmap/Filters are still too CPU demanding for most realistic applications.

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How to glitch like a pro!

June 24th, 2003 3 comments

what professional graphic interface designers usually want to avoid is glitch art for others and there’s a whole gallery of it plus a howto-glitch tutorial. featuring plenty of screenshots of the state when something got completely wrong or messed up in your computer. be it from 8bit emulators or internet explorer, still nowadays no software is save from that. and if you are honest, this is even more exciting than mandelbrote or juliamengen, is this without a doubt the true random chaos!

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