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Videogame Violence Galore

July 20th, 2005 No comments

From the good old days of low-res pixeling to todays high resolution blood

Videogame violence anno 1984 - Jack The Ripper (C64) ...

Videogame violence anno 1984 - Jack The Ripper (C64) ...

Sex and violence was a topic in video games since the early days of computer game history. Some people might not have realized it but there was always an urge to use forbidden topics in a virtual scenario not just since recently. Even among the first text adventures were subjects with quite a lot of (fictional) violence and blood. Remember The Lurking Horror from Infocom, a horror text adventure or Jack The Ripper which already introduced some graphical images of violence.

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Review: GT Advance 3 Pro Concept Racing (Game Boy Advance)

August 1st, 2004 No comments

We’ve been to her majesty’s sisters house in Koga the last weekend which is around 1h from Tokyo and spent a lazy Saturday/Sunday there and mostly played games on the GBA and PS2 of my niece in law which convinced me enough to buy a Gameboy again and so I’ve went to buy a black GBA SP last week. A great yield!

My favorite GBA game of the moment for it is GT3 Advance Pro Concept Racing! This game means a lot of racing fun on the Gameboy! The track design isn’t really 3D but uses mode7 which means it is rather a flat plane with the track on it and several obstacle sprites on it but IMHO looks better than the clumsy graphics of Collin McRae Rally.

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Until the pad buttons smoke!

June 21st, 2004 1 comment

More Shoot’em’up goodness can be found at Shmups!, a website dedicated to 2D Shooter games with plenty of reviews and information from Katakis on the C64 over Z-Out on Amiga up to Ketsui on Arcade machines! Z-Out wasn’t the best Shooter maybe but Chris Huelsbeck’s music on level 4 and 6 was brilliant! I still like the music of Gunbird a lot!

I’ve bought an Owltech PC-0301 today! That’s an adapter in form of a 5 1/2 inch drive bay insert which offers two ports for connecting Playstation controllers to the PC and use them for a crapload of things. They not only perform well for usual PC games but also worked great on PSX Emu’s and WinVice and WinUAE and MAME32 and… well that where the ones which I’ve tested so far. Gunbird with PSX Analogue Control rocks! Installation was super-easy with plugging to a free USB port and a 3-click-long driver installation from the included CD.

Lightspeed Flight and Laserfight

March 8th, 2004 5 comments

Review: Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic (DOS/C64)

One of my very favorite games back on Amiga was the space RPG Hard Nova (to be reviewed in a while) which took me long cozy winter nights to solve. The predecessor of Hard Nova was a game called Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic which was released in 1988 by Electronic Arts and had it’s success under science fiction RPG videogamers. Me – PC-less – always looked enviously over to the PC crowd. But that only until decent DOS Emulators were developed, like DOSBox.

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16Bit-Mercenary Mess Up

December 13th, 2003 No comments

Download: Custom VEB Missions and Campaign for Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

My big move has been delayed for a short time! I will leave here at the end of December and move to far east in middle January! I actually packed everything and made most preparations so I’m stuck with being bored now, counting every minute and hope that time passes faster.

So what to do? One good idea I had, was to keep up with writing some blog stuff that I already planned in my mind. One if it being about one of my favorite Abandonware DOS games Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games!

Over the last couple of decades this game kept me from being bored often! With it’s cozy winter evening fireplace warmth strategy gameplay atmosphere and quietly playing midi music it charms easily to take a session of round based war monging.

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Coin-Op Shooter hysteria in your living room

July 6th, 2003 1 comment

Review: V-Scroll-Shoot’em’ups with MAME

Nothing rocks more for a spontaneous minute fun than playing a session of arcade shoot’em’ups! They always kicked up the limit of graphic power in the eighties and nineties that home computers couldn’t provide! Nowadays someone who collects and eventually owns a room full of arcade machines could count himself to the happy ones owning these oversized piggy banks! But with a PC or Mac and a recent version of MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) there’s nothing in the way for some fast paced fun!For this reason I’m going to introduce some of my favorite Shoot’em’ups here …

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Aliens and a lot of pixel blood

June 23rd, 2003 14 comments

Review: Project Firestart (C64)

We enter!

We enter!

Time for another classic game review: today it’s one of my very favorites back on the C64, the space horror action adventure Project Firestart!
It was back in July 1989 when I was reading the game review of PF in the cult and now abandoned German game magazine Power Play written by Michael Hengst, I was instantly hooked and had to buy the game!

Let me tell you that the game’s pixel blood level is very high. The story is about a research ship near Saturn that doesn’t answer anymore on the space radio. So you jump into your fashionable green lined bodysuit to be sent to the ship to look if everything is OK.

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C64 pocketized

June 22nd, 2003 2 comments

C64-Paradroid played on GBA (a study)

C64-Paradroid played on GBA (a study)

it looks tempting! the author of is working on a *C64 emulator* for the Gameboy Advance™! He’s already busy since a good amount on time and it seems writing a C64 emu for the GBA is more than a challenge!

Promising however that there already is a c64 music demo rom for d/l from his site which has a truckload of c64 tunes included. hopefully soon we can ask splam: are we happy? and if he answers yes, there seem to be no limits anymore to take your collection of c64 games to where you ever want to go and play in a 8bit style!

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Dr. Colossus' Adventures in Slime World

June 21st, 2003 No comments

Review: Todd’s Adventures In Slime World (Atari Lynx)

Do you remember the Lynx™? That was Atari’s approach in the late 80ties/early 90ties to get onto the Handheld market! … now you remember? Ok, that Handheld console wasn’t very popular for a long time not to say it was never really popular! The few Handhelds that existed to that time (including the Game Gear) hadn’t much chance against Nintendo’s famous Gameboy.

However there were some game pearls for unpopular play devices that never made it to other platforms. One of these was Todd’s Adventures In Slime World

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The friday killaway order

June 13th, 2003 1 comment
Let's see what is in that barn!

Let's see what is in that barn!

Aaah Friday the 13th! What relaxation, what pleasure! The day when nothing’s going wrong! I remember when I was a lot younger (around 14 that means) I’ve played the game Friday the 13th on my trusty Commodore C64 often on this special day! It grew almost to a tradition!

Luceey! ... I'm home!

Luceey! ... I'm home!

Though most people marked that game as being boring and dull, I think it was one of the most frightening games ever. You ran around on that 16 color crystal lake camp on the search for Jason who was decreasing your friends at the same time.

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