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Sword of Fargoal for iPhone

December 13th, 2009 2 comments

The classic dungeon crawler Sword of Fargoal has been released for the iPhone and it turns out that it’s one of the few computer/console-game-to-iPhone conversions I’ve came across that are actually fun to play on the touch-screen (unlike, say, Sonic, Bomberman et al). Go check it out if you’re into RPGs with an ever-changing maze-like dungeon accompanied by nicely done atmospheric music and sound effects.

Official Sword of Fargoal Website

Hidden Resource Mobile Version

September 17th, 2009 3 comments

HDRS inb WPTouchHere’s just a small tidbit about a new WordPress plugIn named WPTouch I’ve added to Hidden Resource that automatically displays the blog in a mobile-friendly theme on IPhones and Andoid phones. The mobile version is themed in a design similar to Apple’s appstore and it turns out to be a very smooth and slick experience  indeed to read posts and comments and also leaving comments. The theme even features selectors to filter posts by tag or category and in fact the whole site feels as if it’s an iPhone app all by itself.
So enjoy reading HDRS on your phone! Oh and if you’re running a WP blog you might want to consider installing the plugin because I might want to rejoice over your site on the phone. Besides installation is as easy as with all WP plugins so there’s virtually no excuse! ;)

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Apple's Developer Membership Order System is broken!

January 4th, 2009 2 comments

Apple, you really know how to piss off developers! First you want me to pay 99$ just to be able to actually test my iPhone apps on the device then your Shop Order Form does not allow me to set it to English if I’m not living in the US/UK and to top it all your Order system is broken and thanks to that I’m now stuck at a “Thank you for your enrollment!” page without ever having enrolled into anything nor having bought the membership. Worse, you don’t allow me to re-apply the product to the shopping basket so that I might actually be able to buy it!

That’s right, I cannot buy the dev membership now because Apple’s site is obviously broken and thinks I’ve already bought the membership. An advice: DON’T leave the address fill-out page or empty your shopping cart! You will not have a chance later to come back and reach the page that puts the product into your cart.

But enough rant for today! I think I go and write some ActionScript … which is much more fun … and it’s FREE!

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