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PC Repair vs. Mac Repair

February 14th, 2011 9 comments

Here’s how PC repair works:

You build your PC by yourself after checking on the web what components are of good quality and work well together. So after picking the motherboard, RAM, harddrive, PSU etc. etc. you assemble it all and after plugging in the new creation it boots up happily. You’ve owned five PC so far and four of them were built together by yourself. If something breaks you check information on the web about the problem (if you’re not already familiar with it), you soon know what component is broken, then you go buy a new one and replace the broken one and the PC works again. But the thing is: so far none of your four self-built PCs were ever broken!

Here’s how Mac repair works:

You buy a new Power Mac G5 from Apple. It works alright but after roughly 1.5 years it starts to get into trouble booting up. More often than not you push the power button in the morning but the Mac wont boot up. You search the web for infos on the problem and scarcely find something useful. After unplugging the power cord from the Mac, waiting for 30 minutes, holding the power button for six seconds (to reset something of unknown nature inside the Mac) it might boot again … for now. This goes on for about one or two months, sometimes the Mac boots rights away, but more often it doesn’t boot, not even after unplugging and waiting for 30 minutes five times.

Eventually you give in and call Apple’s repair service. Surprisingly the service person who is on the phone happens to be friendly (it’s usually not the case). One day later your Mac get’s picked up by the delivery guy and two days after that he brings it back promptly. Apple’s repair service tells you that they replaced the power supply (makes sense), the graphics card (??) and the DVD drive (???) in your Mac. You don’t bother too much about why they replaced the graphics card and the DVD drive because your Mac boots up again, that is … until some days later when the problem starts to appear again … one morning you switch on your Mac and instead of booting up it only makes a short power-on appearance and then shuts down again. You start wondering WTF Apple’s repair service actually repaired or if they instead roll dice to pick some arbitrary components to replace to make it look like an important repair! (Optionally: You throw away this PoS called Mac and buy a PC).

… This is what just happened to our (more specifically my wife’s) Power Mac. I’m sure you can imagine the frustration of  realizing that the problem is far from being gone, after believing that the machine was finally fixed. Instead the trouble starts all over and you’re at the mercy of Apple’s repair service because there’s no way to fix the hardware by yourself.

This just again proves for me why using a blackbox like a Mac is a bad deal and is just not worth the trouble. My wife would switch to PC in a second if only she could install and run Mac OSX flawlessly on it! But of course Apple only allows to run their OS on their crappy hardware. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy a Mac, they are way too overpriced anyway!

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