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March 1st, 2011 9 comments

I’m proud for today being able to finally announce the official launch of!

Wait, what?? That site has been up like, for years! That’s true but so far it was pretty much permanently under maintenance and never officially launched. Instead this blog acted as a main site for a very long time. But this is going to change from now as I’m going to slowly move over more and more to the top domain site.

So what will you find over at The site will act as an outlet for indie game development and a release platform for games and software. Right now there is a small but fine selection of affiliate indie games that are being offered plus my free software releases and a few bits and pieces on RPG design writing. In the future I will hopefully concentrate more on writing some more about game design, RPG design, stats and game development geekdom topics as well as talking about the game engine I’m working on called “tetragon”, which is a huge thing btw.

I will leave H1DD3N.R350URC3 open to occasionally write about various topics here or post gaming videos etc. But my main focus on game design and development will move over to

So head over to quickly! And remember to stay a while, stay forever!

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