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Tools Of The Trade Part 2: Hi-Logic MainType

June 30th, 2006 3 comments

MainType is a relatively new font managing tool (for Win only) that puts Extensis Suitcase to shame! I’ve been trying Suitcase for a while but finding and activating fonts with it was a major pain in the butt. You had to dig around in the preview list on the right and then to activate the font you once again had to search for the same font in the left side list (all with no mousewheel support).

After I was fed up with Suitcase I went with OT1 fontmanager for quite a while but this manager, while a crapload better than Suitcase, runs a bit unstable and doesn’t support some important formats. It also can only install/uninstall fonts but not activate them temporarily. There are also a ton of other font managing tools out there but almost all I’ve came across so far didn’t fulfill my requirements.

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Review: iPod Shuffle

August 16th, 2005 1 comment

I’ve bought myself an iPod Shuffle finally after pondering about a couple of mobile players. This device is the second best thing after sliced bread.
I don’t wanna dig to deep in details here so I make it short, here are the pro’s of the iPod Shuffle …

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Tools Of The Trade Part 1: Alias SketchBook Pro

July 25th, 2005 No comments

As a one-man-game developer of worldclass (exaggeration intended!) it’s good to have a bunch of tools at hand that help with the tasks for creating games! In this series I will introduce helpful ‘nice to have’ or even ‘must have’ tools that make a game developers/designers day easier. In this part I will cover Alias SketchBook Pro …

I’ve bought myself a periphery some days ago about which I was pondering to buy for a long time already, a Wacom Intuos 3 graphics tablet! I choose the smallest version 4×5 since I’m not a drawing pro and have limited desktop real estate and the smallest one suffices pretty well for just some sketching.

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Review: GT Advance 3 Pro Concept Racing (Game Boy Advance)

August 1st, 2004 No comments

We’ve been to her majesty’s sisters house in Koga the last weekend which is around 1h from Tokyo and spent a lazy Saturday/Sunday there and mostly played games on the GBA and PS2 of my niece in law which convinced me enough to buy a Gameboy again and so I’ve went to buy a black GBA SP last week. A great yield!

My favorite GBA game of the moment for it is GT3 Advance Pro Concept Racing! This game means a lot of racing fun on the Gameboy! The track design isn’t really 3D but uses mode7 which means it is rather a flat plane with the track on it and several obstacle sprites on it but IMHO looks better than the clumsy graphics of Collin McRae Rally.

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Lightspeed Flight and Laserfight

March 8th, 2004 5 comments

Review: Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic (DOS/C64)

One of my very favorite games back on Amiga was the space RPG Hard Nova (to be reviewed in a while) which took me long cozy winter nights to solve. The predecessor of Hard Nova was a game called Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic which was released in 1988 by Electronic Arts and had it’s success under science fiction RPG videogamers. Me – PC-less – always looked enviously over to the PC crowd. But that only until decent DOS Emulators were developed, like DOSBox.

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From Endorian Creature Hunts and Mon Calamarian Captivators

September 7th, 2003 1 comment

Review: Star Wars Galaxies (PC)First of all I’m not that far yet and played this game now for one week so you will not get any too detailed information about it here. I’ve spent most of the recent days training my character in the Tyrena area on Corellia an finally got my pistol skill tree full being able to call myself a pistol apprentice. I thought I would be able to hop right on the novice smugglers skill trees but to my surprise I still have to get some more skill points in at least pistol ranged combat before I can do that.

I’ve started off with an artisan and did the tedious task of surveying and sampling ore, minerals and chemicals for a long time with the intention to manufacture my own (better) weapons, since these seem to be very rare (at least on the Chilastra server?!), even bought and planted some personal mineral extractors later but got bored with it and decided to get onto the adventurous side with the rebels. Gladly I’ve already worked my pistol skills up a lot to that time. So after doing rebel delivery and destroy missions until I’ve got 200 rebel faction points to join them and hanging around on Corellia for almost one week I’ve decided it’s time to take a flight to Tatooine.

Shortly after I arrived in Mos Espa, I’ve grouped with a Trandoshan and a Bothan who asked me to join to raid Fort Tusken which lies close to that area. Three persons are way to few to raid the Tuskens but we thought to find others on that location to team up.

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Hated beloved Lara

July 13th, 2003 1 comment

Review: Tomb Raider – The Angel Of Darkness (PC)

Lara's back ... in 5000 Polygons.

Lara's back ... in 5000 Polygons.

As an old Tomb Raider player who digged through the vaults of the Tomb Raider series from the beginning on the Playstation, I got myself to give the newly just released Tomb Raider – The Angel Of Darkness in that Lara has to solve mysteries that will brighten up why her former mentor got killed after she gave him a visit after that she got suspected and hunted for the murder.

Several years after the last part Tomb Raider Chronicles was released, the expectation for the new game became high and the big question you might ask is if Core Design managed to bring Lara back in a style that she deserved.

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Coin-Op Shooter hysteria in your living room

July 6th, 2003 1 comment

Review: V-Scroll-Shoot’em’ups with MAME

Nothing rocks more for a spontaneous minute fun than playing a session of arcade shoot’em’ups! They always kicked up the limit of graphic power in the eighties and nineties that home computers couldn’t provide! Nowadays someone who collects and eventually owns a room full of arcade machines could count himself to the happy ones owning these oversized piggy banks! But with a PC or Mac and a recent version of MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) there’s nothing in the way for some fast paced fun!For this reason I’m going to introduce some of my favorite Shoot’em’ups here …

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Review: Animatrix – Beyond

June 27th, 2003 49 comments

I’m going to review here only on the episode ‘Beyond’ from the Animatrix movies as it’s my very favorite (together with ‘Detective Story’) on there. Director Koji Morimoto had the brilliant idea to show a very different view on the Matrix by letting some children in a big city (obviously Tokyo) discover a bug in the Matrix incidentally.

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Aliens and a lot of pixel blood

June 23rd, 2003 14 comments

Review: Project Firestart (C64)

We enter!

We enter!

Time for another classic game review: today it’s one of my very favorites back on the C64, the space horror action adventure Project Firestart!
It was back in July 1989 when I was reading the game review of PF in the cult and now abandoned German game magazine Power Play written by Michael Hengst, I was instantly hooked and had to buy the game!

Let me tell you that the game’s pixel blood level is very high. The story is about a research ship near Saturn that doesn’t answer anymore on the space radio. So you jump into your fashionable green lined bodysuit to be sent to the ship to look if everything is OK.

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