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Photoshop Script: CenteredSelection

July 17th, 2006 3 comments

Centered Selection is a simple but neat little JavaScript for Photoshop CS+ that can be used to create a rectangular or elliptical centered selection while maintaining the aspect ratio (i.e. width and height of the selection stay the same). Several options can be changed like the feather amount and the padding around the selection, whether using Antialias or not, creating an inverse selection and if an alpha channel should be created from the selection. This script can save a lot of hassle when trying to create a centered selection (imagine all that shift-, control- and space-holding and pressing to resize and drag around the selection)! As always a screenshot says more than thousand words.

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Library Items Renamer And Convert All To Clips

July 11th, 2005 3 comments

Due to popular demand I’ve put these two JSFL scripts back up again. They are useful for renaming and organizing items in Flash’ Library Panel.

Library Items Renamer v1.2
With LIR you are able to rename a selection of items in the library and set other options like exporting for AS, update them etc. Here are the features …
– Can rename a selection of files in the library to have a new name and a number suffix. For example clip_1, clip_2, clip_3 …
– You are able to only use numbers as names.
– By default numbers start at zero but you can set the suffix number to any beginning value you like.
– Leading zeroes can be used. They are supported up to 4 digits long values.
– Exporting for ActionScript can be toggled on/off.
– Export into first frame can be toggled on/off.
– AS2.0 Linkage Class Name can be set (and removed).
– Renamed items can be moved to a new folder.
– Leaving the Name field empty will only change the other settings, not the Name.
– Items can be updated.
– Export- and Class-settings only affect items of the type ‘movie clip’, ‘graphic’, ‘button’, ‘font’, ‘sound’ and ‘component’, while ‘bitmaps’, ‘videos’ and ‘compiled clips’ still can be renamed/moved/updated.
Download Library Items Renamer v1.2

Convert All To Clips v1.0
CATC can convert a selection of items in the library to movieclips, symbols or buttons. Helpful when many items (i.e. bitmaps) needs to be converted. The features are …
– Converts a selection of items in the library to symbols, either movie clips, buttons or graphic symbols.
– The registration point can be set.
– A name prefix can be set.
– Leading zeroes can be used to keep the correct order of the items after conversion.
– Name of the destination folder can be set.
Download Convert All To Clips v1.0

Both files come as a Macromedia MXP format and require the Macromedia Extension Manager for installing.

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