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This site is now clean!

September 1st, 2010 No comments

Just in case you were wondering about all those dreadful malware warnings that were thrown at you if you tried to visit HDRS over the last couple of days … The site had been infected with malware a month or two ago like so many other websites on Media Temple but I have cleaned up now every single trace of malware and removed all suspicious links from the database. Actually I already removed all those nastily injected malware links about a month ago so there was no danger over the last month from visiting this site. However it seems that Google and co is a bit slow to react on this topic and so my site was just only recently labeled as containing malware. I hope this trouble has an end now once and for all. Media Temple isn’t exactly doing much help to the malware clean-up either, I had to suck the necessary information out of my fingers about how to clean up this crap! Here’s some good guides …

How to Remove Trojan.JS.Redirector.cq from Your WordPress Site
JohnnyA WordPress malware on MediaTemple
Detect and clean Malware on MediaTemple

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