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The anachronism of Assembler coding

I’ve been selling and buying antique computer stuff on Ebay and also managed to get an old Commodore C64G! The G model was the one with the brown bread bin case and brighter keyboard which was introduced later after the C64C model actually got sold.

This brought up some moods of nostalgia remembering the ‘good old’ days of computing and playing 8bit games. I even found some old 5 1/4″ floppy disks with old tools and games and tried to code some assembler which is even fun in a special way compared to the today’s luxury of coding applications.

There’s also now – as you might already have found – a new category named downloads in which I will put various stuff to leech down from time to time.

Besides there are still some draft entries on hold and unfinished yet on the authoring side. I’m going to finish them when I think it’s time!

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