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The Crappiest Corporate Site of the Week

July 24th, 2006

The “Crappiest Corporate Site of the Week” Award goes to Dell Japan for not being able to have a Shop website that runs on current Browsers! When I try to get onto their XPS 700 Customization page I get a simple Access Denied, telling me that I need to use Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.6! The site doesn’t work on FireFox and not on MSIE 6 and neither on Netscape 8! Congratulations Dell! You suck immensely!
I’m actually wondering how do you sell your PCs in Japan!

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  1. July 24th, 2006 at 22:14 | #1

    Why use a PC when you can use a phone?

    I’d love to see the latest stats of phone versus PC usage over there.

  2. July 25th, 2006 at 00:31 | #2

    Scott, because it’s easier to customize the XPS BareBone version by oneself instead of explaining everything to a customer agent (and on the US site this works nicely).

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