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The rise and fall of a Galaxy

Or how to completely destroy a popular MMORPG
I’ve been a Star Wars fan for a long time, I remember since 1983 when I still was a kid and went to the movie theater with a mate to see Return of the Jedi. I wouldn’t say I’m an overly fanatic fan but I always liked the sheer depth and complexity of the expanded Star Wars Universe. Every other Science Fiction looks like bland second class compared to Star Wars!
So when I first heard about the news of a Star Wars MMORPG in development some years ago I was hooked! In late summer 2003 Sony Online Entertainment let their Star Wars Galaxies go live and I’ve ordered it one or two months later. The game already offered a lot in its early time but it also has been a problem child since the very beginning because of many bugs and gameplay flaws. SOE released the game into public with many bugs not being fixed and this method went on for most of the time when they published a new update or expansion for the game. After a while you could be sure that with every major publish a bunch of new bugs came into the game. A MMORPG is a complex matter with many server/client relations where unprepared issues can occur but some of the bugs were so absurd that I started to wonder how the coding organization looked at SOE. Either they didn’t follow a well planned object oriented design or their organization structure was simply chaotic.

The Combat Upgrade

[ad#gog_vampire_box]The first big change for the game came with the CU, the Combat Upgrade which changed the combat system and many related parts of the game. And while it took out a big chunk of complexity from the game (for example by removing the need of medicine for medical professions to heal others, by changing the way armor is used and by removing interesting mods like armor/armor piercing and various damage types) many players got used to the new system after a short while and were fine with it since it also improved the system in some ways.
A major change was made in how to become a Jedi! Pre-CU a player had to loot many holocrons and master many professions to unlock the force sensitive slot. This led to the so called hologrinder era in which many players simply grinded one profession after another just to get the FS slot as soon as possible. This raised the inflation a lot and let the in-game economy suffer! I�ve been a Master Smuggler to that time and didn�t do any hologrinding simply because I wanted to enjoy the game and I was completely not interested in becoming a Jedi.
Around publish 10 the way to become Jedi was even more streamlined! Players had to collect a defined list of badges to get access to a distant village on Dathomir where the force grinding began which would take at least 4 months to become a Jedi Initiate. It was in no way difficult now to become a Jedi, it just took a while and countless days of monotonous and stupid XP grinding (by killing thousands and thousands of Bols and Pikets on Dantooine)!
I never supported the idea to bring Jedi for players into a game like this which lives from its social aspects. In my opinion both ways pre- and post-CU were the completely wrong way to bring Jedi into the system and it was because of them why the game lost more and more of its fun and diversity since most players just wanted to become the roxxor Jedi now.

So how could Jedi work in such a game?

How would you bring in the Jedi profession into the game, something that is an obligation since this game has to do with Star Wars and Star Wars is a lot about Jedis? In my opinion the devs (and that includes Lucas Arts too) signed the downfall of SWG at the very moment they brought in the decision that every player should be able to reach the Jedi Profession!
What the game needed was some very strict rules regarding the Jedi Profession like a set limit of Jedi�s per server. Let there be 10 FS-Slots per server, not more! Make the Jedi really hard to reach! The way to become Jedi was in both ways very obvious to follow for everyone once it was known and guides on how to reach it appeared on the web! A system like this needs some real challenge, an ever changing way that turns out differently for every single player! I agree this is very difficult to achieve but I�m sure it could have been realized to some degree! For the 10 Jedi there needs to be perma death! Give these 10 Jedi strong powers, because a Jedi should be something really hard to reach only for the most dedicated players, but also make their existence risky � just like in the movies! If one of the 10 Jedi dies, the FS slot is free for a new player who has to reach it by a completely different way!
But the way SOE/LA brought in the Jedi was simply a joke that took away the spirit from this exemplary profession! Many who unlocked the Jedi simply misused their power to cause grief among players and destroying the mystique that was behind the Jedi by acting antisocial. There were exceptions of players who tried to play the Jedi more role playing alike but they were in minority.

The Fall

At the beginning of November this year SOE brought the big news that dropped like a bomb and shocked many players, their so called New Game Enhancements! I however prefer to call it New Game Enforcement since SOE kept the whole development of it in secret and by doing that they didn�t allow a single bit of influence from the player community.
SOE/LA decided to give the game a complete overhaul by downsizing the professions, simplifying everything and changing the combat system into something that looks like a half baked first person shooter.
Planning, designing and coding a thing of such scale isn�t done in a couple of days! It takes at the very least several months to work this out! The devs kept it secret all the long time so that nobody could take influence on it. They even released the new expansion Trials of Obi Wan exactly one day before they came up with the big news! A marketing move to get as many players to buy ToOW as possible since it was sure that most players would not buy the ToOW extension if they knew the evil changes that would come to the game in just two weeks!
In fact the new upgrade is not an upgrade but a downgrade! The devs suddenly found that professions like the Creature Handler, Bio Engineer or Scout aren�t starwarsy enough for the game anymore and promptly removed them! Countless hours of creature searching, taming and training was in vain with one swift wipe! One of my characters was a Master Creature Handler and I�m not alone when I say that it was one of the most enjoyable professions in the game! Thousands of grief and hate postings on the official forums proved it! Especially with the new ability learning feature that came with one of the recent publishes the pet system of SWG hadn�t any similar competition in any other currently existing MMORPG! It was the best! And there were other great changes that came into the game just shortly before the NGE wiped everything away. The Squad Leader Profession for example experienced a refreshingly useful revamp just to get completely removed only a few weeks later with the NGE.

Creature Handlers revolt on Chimera.

Creature Handlers revolt on Chimera.

With the NGE the devs (SOE and LA) not only downsized the professions but also started to phase out crafters at a grand scale! The once so thriving player driven economy which was one of the feature richest among any current MMORPG titles comes to an end! With the new system players are neither able to mix skills from different professions nor will it be allowed to drop skills later! Decay has been completely removed from the game! No items will decay anymore by use or dead and no Jedi will get XP subtraction anymore because Bounty Hunters are not able to hunt Jedi players anymore! No decay means that players sooner or later have all the stuff they need, weapon and armor wise and they never need to worry about buying new stuff anymore! Removing decay also means that players become careless about dying. Why should I fly the way back the 4 km if I can get slain by that nasty level80 creature over there and come out at the cloner?! There is no excitement in a battle anymore because there is no risk in dying!
Roleplaying got pretty much phased out of the game! There is no chat possible during many actions, including combat and since the target system doesn�t lock anymore onto a target it will be a great annoyance to use emotes on other players!
Many players were happy with how the game was after publish 24 (shortly before the NGE) and many hoped (including me) that SOE would come up with something like a crafter revamp to give the neglected crafters something new! There was so much potential in bringing great new things into the game that would make a lot of sense and improve professions and gameplay! Instead they decided to just throw all this hope overboard, disappoint over 80% of the old player base and turn the game into a boring and unplayable pile of garbage!
My third character was a Master Tailor, Master Artisan and Master Merchant. I specialized him in crafting and selling Bio-engineered clothings and Vehicles and I had a nicely done palette of combat garment with defense mods and 99% durabilty vehicles on my vendors. It was fun and I always liked that individual clothings had benefits that all the same looking armors didn’t have! Well they have all been rendered worthless by the NGE because BE mods have been made useless and vehicles don’t have decay anymore. I see no reason now to continue my crafter character because for a NGE Master Tailor (and all other trader branches) nothing new was added to the game!

They published the NGE for beta testing on the Test Servers 15 days before going live. Every developer knows this is way too few time to detect and remove bugs so it was obvious that the NGE goes live in a completely buggy state! The players didn�t expect anything else from a company like SOE! But this time it looks like they actually published the alpha version! Most if not all of the eight so called iconic professions are bugged, specials cannot be used, several profession-linked weapons are disabled or got raised to level 88. The new GUI is buggy, I�m not able to add new chat tabs to the chat window so I cannot chat in some of the chat groups I�ve chatted before. Some keys even doesn�t work at all, for example the middle mouse button. Perhaps such things will be fixed in near future but until then all the players are just unpaid beta testers (alpha in this case) and it will not change anything about the fact that the game now looks like something that pretends to be a roleplay game with a screwed on FPS combat system that doesn�t fit to it and where combat is a major pain in the ass!

SOE/LA kicked all veteran players into the butt and out of the door with this NGE and opened the gates for fancy new players which they hope to come in masses! But somehow I get the feeling that new players will not come in masses! The game simply looks too old for the young FPS crowd! SOE didn�t made any updates about the graphics which have still the same old lowres textures and generally most building constructions in the game don�t really spread any true Star Wars atmosphere since they are not impressive like in the movies. Theed looks like a small city from a fantasy RPG and not like a Theed from the movies. Coronet looks like a small ghost town, not like a metropolis thriving with business! Starports look like little one-ship launch pads and not like massive hangar bays! If there was something to fix about SWG to bring in more Star Wars feeling then its these visual let downs!

The most actual impudence that SOE came up with is to give new players who bought the new SWG Starter Kit an item with that they can call their X-Wing or Tie-Fighter at any place they currently are. Many players have dreamed of this feature long before. But of course SOE keeps it possible for old players to buy the new Starter Kit so they can get the ship call device too (minus the free trial period of course). Another sophisticated marketing trick from SOE to let the vets pay once again! The sad thing is that many of the players act like blind cows and don�t realize that they get milked by SOE because they want this device at any price!

For me it�s time to quit here and say goodbye to SWG, a once great online roleplaying game that had its flaws but also a lot of potential! Potential that the devs couldn�t see because they are blind for profit! I canceled my three accounts and I�m going to refund my money back for ToOW!
I wish something could make this NGE unhappen and SWG would become like before but I doubt that SOE will ever revert the game back to its old state. I wish that after the fall of SWG (which will happen soon no doubt) the server code would become free to the community so players can build their own servers but it�s fact that Lucas Arts never would give anything about Star Wars away for free! This was the first and last product I�ve bought from SOE, a company that knows well how to completely ignore the player community!

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  1. Rob
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:03 | #1

    Couldnt agree with you more. (though possibly biased cos i was a Master CH for more than 18 months!).

    Ho hum 2 more subs cancelled due to Nerf’ed Game Experience

  2. Vincent
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:06 | #2

    this is SOOOOO true, BUT a huge chunk of the game play experience was lost at the CU!!!!!
    (was master TK, no game ever more fun the the first episode of SWG)
    Swg is fun but never the same!

  3. May 14th, 2006 at 19:07 | #3

    SOE/LA didnt use there brain with this upgreat or Degreat as it should be called…
    I cancalled 2 accounts

  4. Durryynn Jedi master and pwndizzler
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:08 | #4

    I canceled about 4 accounts. Now that Jedi is accessable to everyone i have a saber that has a max dmg of 554 and i see friend of mine who have rifles that are 700 to 800 !!!! wtf is this crap. Jedi are supposed to be warriors and resourceful to the very end now this starwars fabtasy is crap cause Jedi are Pussies now. Rainbow Warriors!

    May 14th, 2006 at 19:09 | #5

    i guess the nge isnt so bad if u dont mind looking like a retard using two hands a keyboard and a mouse simultaneously.i would like to start by thanking soe for taking my mod stat suit buff away fitted with seven anti decay kits i mean who really wanted to spend all that time assembling that to have it nerfed with a single swipe from the nerf hammer.and as far as this pub 9 jedi is concerned give the 12 yr old sniveling little bastards everything for nothing i feel this is a positive step towards there future.if they truly achieve balancing the game where is the intiative one takes to create or imagine the abosouloute best of the best (hence definition of uber) but if there no competiioition and its balance WHY PLAY THE GAME TO SEE WHO’S PING IS THE FASTEST?


  6. May 14th, 2006 at 19:09 | #6

    2 accounts Canceled. Beta 3 vet here. Kiss my ass SOE/LA.

  7. May 14th, 2006 at 19:10 | #7

    I would like to know what the hell they were thinking??? This game started out great and got better over time, but then they decide to redo an already great game and ruin it!!!! Everyone is a jedi now, u can’t target anything, everything is bugged, and a great part of the community has left!!! I doubt that the game will be here much longer with so many people leaving. If they don’t change it soon i’m leaving too, the only reason i play anymore is cuz i have freinds here, most of which have already left. Guess i’ll have to find a new game to play.

  8. May 14th, 2006 at 19:11 | #8

    This mo foing nge has caused me to deletre all 5 of my accnts, i was a master creature handler, 2 almost master crafters, and a jedi from before the nooby little downgrade that lets you choose them from the start, and 1 master medic. =0

  9. May 14th, 2006 at 19:12 | #9

    2 years for (almost) nothin’ & 3 accounts cancelled. Thx SOE/LA for giving me the opportunity to stop MMORPG-playing *ironic*


  10. May 14th, 2006 at 19:13 | #10

    Besides destroying an amazing game bit by bit with each upgrade beginning with the CU, the most reprehensible aspect of SOE/LA’s actions in this is that they continue to piss on the hard work, effort and time investment of loyal customers offering little if any compensation in return.

  11. Osskbi
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:14 | #11

    You know, it’s a big shame that all of this happened. I was a big fan for a while of the game but quit after the CU. I was looking to get back into it again but after reading all of the negativity towards the NGE, there’s no way that I’m going back.

    I guess I’ll keep on searching for my next MMORPG.

  12. MDutch
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:14 | #12

    As a veteran since September 2003 I agree 120%. My game is gone, our game is gone. The opportunity to be an individual in the game, with your own mix off abilitys and professions is killed. This is really hurting. I have also an account for EQ2. Will this also happen with EQ2? Next month SWG and EQ2 will be canceld. No Sony games anymore. I can spend my $24.95 for better games.


  13. May 14th, 2006 at 19:15 | #13

    I’m just glad that I have a Dark Age of Camelot account that is EXTREMELY enjoyable to play. I was grinding my SWG toon trying hard to unlock a force sensitive slot. Now that I can just click one button and become a jedi, it makes me ill.

  14. Ihatesoe
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:16 | #14

    Canceled my 2 accounts and am going back to WoW. Low content, but almost zero bugs and it’s not SOE! May you smoke a turd in hell SOE! You have wrecked a wonderful, if buggy, game starting with that crapper of a CU. If I wanted something that looks like a game from X-box I’d buy one.
    Disgustly your…..

  15. May 14th, 2006 at 19:18 | #15

    Great editorial. Actually printed it out and saved it.
    SOE is never getting another cent of my money again… ever.

    3 Accounts gone.

  16. Kaitlin78
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:19 | #16

    I canceled my accounts as well. I was upset when the first CU hit and my Rifleman / Weaponsmith became useless in combat and was the first to go. I learned to use the CU and retemplated one of my other characters as a Doc/TKM, and that worked well, but I didn’t like the combat system in the NGE so he was canceled. Another one of my characters was a Tailor / BE …lol I bet you know the first thing I did with that one when the NGE hit… I hit the cancel button. My last account is the leader of a guild and was a Master ID / Master Dancer / Master Musician / Master Entertainer, I left her alone to keep the guild going as some of the people in my guild are playing until their subscriptions run out. I respec’d her because the entertainer buffs have no effect in the new system, but when I did that, I found that I would have to start from scratch in any of the combat professions… sillyness.

  17. Aturi Sacowie
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:20 | #17

    So true, it hurts. I’ll give this NGE a month or 2 to see if they do any super changes. Also, I completely agree with the crappy visuals this game offers. The Starport is a lame excuse for a MARTA Bus Bay (Atlanta Subway Company, don’t ask). For Starports, they should put in a gigantic hangar room where various ships are scattered around. And your ship appears in this one slot that it always appear in. The catch is, however, that the slot doesn’t appear the same for everyone. If it’s your ship, you see your ship parked in that slot in the hangar. If it is someon elses, they see theirs! And, if they want to take off, they can walk up to their ship, right click, and click Launch into space. Theed looks like a Final Fantasy town, not a beautiful city. Plus, the Theed Castle reminds me of a wal-mart rather a luxurious palace for a Queen, whose chambers is a small grey dome room with a plant and some couches in it (-.-). Coronet is, like you said, a Ghost Town rather a thriving business city. I mean, they could at LEAST put in some NPC’s who stand by some little market tents throughout the city shouting their goods out to people. Oh, and Mos Eisley? Pathetic. Isn’t it supposed to be a “Town for the wretched scum of the underworld and a place for the highly illegal”? All I see is some crappy run-down buildings with non-interactive NPC’s. I hope in the future SOE does some major visual corrections, for I capture no sense of Star Wars-ness off of this game.

  18. May 14th, 2006 at 19:21 | #18

    Aturi I agree with you! Like you said the hangar bays with personal ship slots would asdd soo much mor SW atmosphere and it could be done by smaller instanciated bays. Other dungeons (especially on Mustafar are instanciated too).
    I still like the terrain scenes in SWG but you have to turn all graphic settings on high and the 3D engine of the game still takes a highend system down when turning on object shadows. Object shadows add alot of atmoshere to the otherwise very flat graphics but you have to accept a very low framerate then.
    Coronet is really dead now and NPCs are generally completely dumb and lifeless beings.
    2,5 years ago the graphics was still ok. The structures were already a letdown but acceptable but nowadays its simply outdated!

  19. May 14th, 2006 at 19:22 | #19

    Totally agree.

    Cancelling 2 accounts. I LOVE Star Wars…Hate SOE.

  20. May 14th, 2006 at 19:23 | #20

    Totally agree with the comments you have made, I came back to swg 4 days b4 the upgrade hoping to start the game were I left off 2 months previous.
    When I started to play the new upgrade I noticed that all the weopons I could have used 1 day previous I could no longer use because my skill rating was not good enough, So I had no weopons of any use how shit is that!
    I also dont agree with the fact you pay a monthly subscription only to find out that the new upgrade like jump to lightspeed. you have to fork out a futher £20.00 this should be free with your subscription.
    Anyway I’ve cancelled my subscription ( member since it was launched in the usa ).

    By the way it looks like the workers at SOE will have to find themselves new jobs soon, perhaps emptying the bins or working at macdonalds !

  21. May 14th, 2006 at 19:24 | #21

    I read this and I couldn’t help nodding in agreement all through the post.

    I’ve been a Star Wars fan for 25 years now. I was jumping for joy when I found out about SWG and bought it a day later. now close to two years ago.

    And I was hooked, boy was I hooked! I didn’t like the combat enough to do it all day long but that didn’t matter. I was master dancer, master entertainer and TKM, so whenever I felt like it I’d go hunt some rancors or something.

    The fact I could do this solo was what I did not like about SWG. There was absolutely no thrill in kicking a herde of rancors down dressed in my hawtpants :D

    I think back at the CU with mixed feelings.

    The combat was now great, there was teamplay, it’s propably the most enjoyable time I had on the hunting fields, surrounded by my guildys (what was left of them) and basically having a good time!

    But the tapestry was cracked because a lot of veterans I was on very good terms with and who immensely loved the game left. my old guild got decimated and never recovered, some servers got hit pretty bad, others managed better, but whatever the extent, they all took their blows.

    And we where just starting to recover! Many people had found a new lease on life for the game trying out….. creature handler.. they had bought TOOW for the CH necklace and where generally very excited.. untill the bomb fell.

    The game got stripped of it’s essence, the total freedom of the game. Not being able to drop your profession is a huge mistake, not being able to be a hybrid has made many crafters either go combat or quit, and now there are rumours about player citys being removed and only certain zones would be citys, the rest barren.

    I mean, who do they think they are?

    US, the players, are what make or break the game, and it is US that they seem intent on chasing out of town, covered in tar and feathers. They kiddyfy the game, taking out all variety and complexity, stuff an FPS-WANNABE down our throats and expect us to swallow.. and still, I am swallowing :(

    Why? 2 reasons.. My friends.. can’t bear to quit and turn my back on them, we’re all hanging in there. and I’m still a huge starwars fan and, whatever the devs try to do with it, is still the closest I’ll ever come to living it.

    But I’m not the one that decides the fate of the game.

    When there is nobody left to play the game with, and the servers lights go out forever, I’ll be left a refugee of corporate mismanagement and failure to appreciate you do not change the game so much as you go along, in whichever way you desire.

    It’s like being dealer in a casino and saying, after the game’s been underway for a few hours: ‘right, time to change the rules, from now on you don’t need 21 but 6, we’ll only use 12 card decks, , no cheating allowed, except by the management’

    If they wanted to make an fps version of SWG they should have gone and made SWG II.

    The engine was never designed for this, if their idea of fast paced means trying to hold your mouse over a target and constantly pressing the button they are wrong!

    and the FPS crowd will not come to SWG anyway, they have Battlefield, counterstrike, doom, you name it.. why would they decide to play a game for it’s fps qualitys if they’ve got so many high quality alternatives which all look polished, smooth and slick, with responses and weapon behaviour far superior to SWG?

    The stuff you get while questing has stats on them, so need for a tailor has dropped to roleplay value only. BE clothing was the main source of income for a great deal of tailors, guess what, they quit!

    No decay.. I’d buy tickets if the guy that dreamed up these changes was publicly skinned alive, painted in honey, and tied to a frigging ant hill!

    SOE has lost the helm.. the ship is adrift in heavy weather.

    Let us pray a worthy helmsman steps up and replaces the doped up sod that’s now running the show, to put some of the stuff we love back in to the game and get rid of this New Game Enforcements! (adopting the term, as it describes exactly what it is)

    Hoping I won’t be orphaned, salutations, SWG brothers in arms (who where brave enough to read through my ranting :))

  22. May 14th, 2006 at 19:25 | #22


    33 customization options reduced to 9 poorly designed enforcements

    Crafters given the shaft, the respec was a joke. (and the artisan ‘sub-templates’ idea sux balls

    allmost no entertainers or crafters left, the economy clearly shifted to a loot economy. Just as predicted by the crafters, and denied and ignored by the devs.

    Also hanging in there, but by a thread. if things don’t change back anytime soon I’m thinking of going to dark & light.. it seems those guys still have some feeling with the people that should matter: the guys that pay their bills!!

  23. May 14th, 2006 at 19:26 | #23

    I hardly ever post on forums or join in on heated discussions… but I have been so upset after NGE. I’m not a vet. I was playing only one month prior to NGE. And before that I never played any other MMORPG. I thought they all were just glorified on line consol games. Well, I happen to be a Star Wars fan and I decided to try SWG (pre-NGE). Oh my God, I fell in love. I did not know that a game could be so fun. I loved the complex, in depth, and fascinating profession system and I was drawn into it. After a couple weeks, I purchased three more accounts… for my wife and two children (older teenagers). We all loved it and it even became a part of family conservation around the supper table. We talked about all the exciting aspects of such a great profession system… what we wanted to become… how we could help each other out… and who wanted to be able to craft what. We actually felt like we could escape into a virtual world that had so many facets, that no two people seemed the same. Jedi were rare… and felt so much like the real Star Wars universe. I actually looked up at the Jedi and treated them with respect and awe.
    Well, then came this NGE. I tried to think positive and give it a try for a couple weeks. My opinion? The whole feel of a virtual world has been destroyed. No excitement at working to get a profession. Everyone is the same. Jedi everywhere (running around like idiots). Crafting (my favorite area) has been destroyed. Combat is difficult and not fun any more. It feels like a dumbed down consol system… pick a character and watch your linear skill meter and progress like a droid from point A to point B… without any excitement getting there. This NGE is NOT an enhancement… it is a NEW game… and one that falls short of the old one.
    I’m sorry to ramble, but I thought I had found one of the most enjoyable games to play… only to have it pulled out from under me.
    I had FOUR accounts. I CANCELED THREE accounts (my wife and two children feel the same way as me) due to NGE. I KEPT ONE account that I will occasionally use until January when I will make a final decision. As of now, we are moving over to try World of Warcraft. I know WOW will not have the exciting profession tree system enabling a diverse player membership or things like a very in depth crafting market… but… well… neither does SWG now.
    Three out of four accounts canceled as of now… the forth and last account will be canceled in January if some type of pre-NGE system is not brought back. Thanks for reading.

  24. May 14th, 2006 at 19:27 | #24

    I also agree with your comments. I was willing to give this new system a go.Sadly, I came after the cu. This was the first and only online game I had ever played. I fell in love with the open ended aspect of it, the way you could tailor a toon to your own interests..the cool economy, (the diversity in the crafting community was astounding)..and the social side of the game. ALL that is gone.9 proffessions? BLAH!!!! Dull…pointless, cookie-cutter. I had a crafter at last, now, with an empty galaxy it is useless to craft.The social side is gone since most are gone. I belong (or belonged) to an excellent guild…but maybe out of 30 members, 2 still log on for short periods. I’m checking in sometimes, but overall…looking for a new game with the rest of my guild. Had a tkm…a msl, an archetect master..was getting ready to level a bounty hunter. Thanks SOE for ruining a good game. if I was 13 or younger maybe it would be a good game…but somehow, well…this SUCKS.

  25. May 14th, 2006 at 19:28 | #25

    SOE’s false promises and horrible customer service killed my love of SWG real quick. I got SWG 3 or 4 months after launch and loved exploring the world and taming pets. This was before mounts or vehicles, all running lol. I was a Master CH when we could have 3 Rancors under our control…that was fun. But of course they nerfed that like everything else.

    SOE doesnt fix things, they only know how to nerf and that is precisely why I left the game before JTL even came out.

  26. lindai
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:29 | #26

    i agree totally. i was a fan of swg for years but then they killed the only thing it is worth for to be in a community: to be able to be individual in a certain way. and over all they killed the professions i liked most: CH and BE. now its only a sad story and its like u put a coin in a juke box and after u had some fun u go away and next time u start over again. there is no individuality anymore and that they did only for the money as in real life the practise is. but why should i pay for real life in cyber life?

  27. Deathglory Fiveknives – Corbantis
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:30 | #27

    This has nothing to do with the playerbase or the game as we knew it. XBOX 360 is a juggernaut, and sony needs something to fight back. SOOOO… PS3 can access station pass? It won’t matter if the game gets old in a month, b/c the new Everquest expansion will be out. When that gets old, SWG will release an expansion. It will be just like how they get kids to buy a new game every month – except they’ll pay pass subscriptions. They can flush 250,000 of us for millions of PS3 players.

  28. Kheiron
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:31 | #28

    I’ll give my 50 cents here as well..
    Had 5 accounts from which earliest we’re created
    November 2003. I had always had a tailor/artisan/merchant as my primary crafter and then had Doctor pre-cu and 3 combat toons.
    From those 2 accounts already cancelled and refunds on 2 toons regarding ToOW.
    Will be cancelling 1-2 more accounts in January and will keep the last one alive as long as my guildies keep logging in..

    There’s so many things i think that NGE did wrong to the excisting player base..
    1. No item decay means no crafters anywhere.
    2. no diversity means that everyone will use either roadmark equipment or looted (No room for fancy clothing anymore).
    3. Weapons nerfed regarding PvP so that only some models are een worth of having.
    4. ADK’s nerfed beyond recognition(Now totally worthless items).
    5. Crafting is utter nonsense as of now(Resource quality and crafters skills count almost nothing in the process atm).
    6. Melee professions nerfed beyond repair(i.e. you cannot hit anything while moving yourself).
    7. Jedi’s nerfed to utter non-excistence(no armor for starters and lightsabres suck in damage).
    8. No CH means no fun seeing people having found a rare pet from somewhere(i had CH/BE myself on one toon).
    9. Armor proficiencys have nothing to do with those iconic pictures(i.e. spy has Ubese in picture but cannot use Ubese only battle, or Commando having Katarn(Battle) and can only use assault type of armor).

    And the list keeps on going..

    Now what to come of SWG in the future?
    (“Everything is proceeding as i have foreseen”).
    Traders will be removed from the game since no-one in their righteous mind would pick one.
    Instead i believe that some of those trader perks will fall to Smuggler instead(Good or bad no idea there).
    Jedi will stay nerfed for quite a long time since SOE does not wan’t everyone to be jedi(their own words from a year back or so).
    Perhaps the Dev’s are working as hard as they can to implement repairing patches until some high-level suit comes along and says hey now, that other ubber MMORPG has that new cool content so we must have some too right guys..
    And thus introducing some new “cool” feature or whatever and it brakes the game even further since most of all these new implementations take that time they have been doing these and not using that same amount of time to do repairing fixes and patches.

    So that’s just some of the things i see wrong in SWG.
    (Hae currently started WoW as it surely has loads of working content instead of zillion buggy quests that one cannot complete).

  29. May 14th, 2006 at 19:32 | #29

    SWG will be a primary subject in game-design classes for years to come.

    If you’d told me prior to LA/SOE doing this – I’d have laughed at you and told you to stop sniffing glue.

    NO ONE could be that stupid.

    I stand corrected.

  30. May 14th, 2006 at 19:32 | #30

    I agree with you all the way, doesn’t this sound familiar? OH YES! 2 BIG WORDS, Chancellor Palpatine! This game was thriving, I still play to monitor how it goes and all I see is bare cities, players senselessly grinding for that next level which is rewarded by a SEEMINGLY different move but deep down it’s all the same. All you get for level frikkin 90 is a crappy belt. Well I hope it gets better but who by that time all the vets will be gone leaving a bunch of smelly noobs to take over then they’ll soon leave for new noobs. STOP THE NERFING!!!!!!!!!

  31. Lail
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:33 | #31

    Bought the game in may 2005 and couldnt get enough of it , i loved the group hunts and met some nice ppl .
    i got to cl72 before nge hit and was really looking forward to hitting 80 so i could start making money and make my name in the galaxy , well there ‘s no point in that anymore , my guild disbanded and now the city is looking like going down the pan too , I miss the way it was but mostly the lack of players
    Soon to be cancelling 2 accts due to boredom
    FINAL NOTE… why cant full temp trader respeck to full temp combat toon , yet combat toons can respeck to full temp traders ?…why cos they see the combat toons as the pinnacle of the profs:(
    /sarcasm thx SOE

  32. Enochlenero-eclipse
    May 14th, 2006 at 19:34 | #32

    I’m a noob, I’ve only played the game for about a year and a half or 1.25yrs or something. I’m still playing today… Personally I think that your all right-agreement-I really think that soe would stand to make more money if they just did what will bring people back to the game and they will continue to make said money. Instead they loose all of their main fan base, and get a bunch of 12 and 13 yr olds borrowing their mom’s bank cards and not really caring about anyone but themselves and getting to be a jedi and of course it’s just “ping” ball for 14.99 a month I can play that on rumble swords (halo2) for 6.95 a month via xbox, at least bungie kno’s how to keep all their grey matter between their ears. I won’t cancel my account as long as my friends are there and as long as there isn’t something better for my interests. I’m a sw nut and it’s better than nothing but screwing people out of the one resource that can’t be gotten back\re-earned/ or bought TIME!!! and giving no conpensation is in my opinion a public rape of someones life. Now swg may very well die and when it does that’s a good pretty penny worth of subscriptions that they could have had. Also, every developer on the game will have to live down the fact that when their division fails it’ll be on their resume that their mmo was slaughtered by them and their proffiteering ignorence

    soe should give us all back the game we bought and payed for make the people who pay you happy or give our money back with interest for just sittin here til somethneg better comes along. I really hope soe can figure it’s self out it would hlp them and us.

  33. Jaxsen
    June 5th, 2006 at 17:16 | #33

    I played this game since beta testing and i loved it from day one… i liked CU never complained, if you cant cut it in the pvp world there was soooo much more to seee so much more to dooo…anything you wanted, the choice..the FREEDOM was yours…It was entirely perfect, the best idea for an MMO since EQ…when they took away the freedom of professions that REALLY killed the game…id even take a shitty fps/mmo if i had the freedom to drop and gain professions as i choose!! not only that…the admins on the forums are giving up…they used to delete or lock anti-nge threads or anything related to them…seems like tyranical rule doesnt it? we are the SOE KINGS, with DIVINE RIGHT!!! gimme a break…heres a quote from a admin on the SOE official forums…

    “Locked for trolling, despite its misleading title. Again, this has been addressed in the past and it will not be implemented. Further re-posts of this topic will result in actions against your account. These threads offer nothing to the community because a rollback simply will not happen.
    SWG Forum Moderator
    SOE Forum Usage Guidelines”

    Wait wut? Actions against or banning of an account for speaking your mind…that sound more like hitler weeding out his idea of the perfect race…if you dont like NGE you will be banned for treason!!! any similarities??

    On an even more ironic note, there is a rebellion within the community…there is an EMU currently in the works to make your SWG client revert itself to publish 12.1, thats pre-CU everyone…it violates no law and SOE is mostly likely not taking action…unfortunately only about 500 people can be on the server at a time…more news and updates will be coming we fight for our game and our freedom, because if we cant have the freedom of choice in a VIDEO GAME…then life as we know it is over…lol…seriously though, i feel that SWG will bring back a “classic” server that is either pre-cu or cu when this EMU comes out to make a profit off of the poor EMU creators rebellion

  34. June 9th, 2006 at 23:25 | #34

    Yea, I’ve heardd about the Emu thing. However I only believe once I saw it running live! It’s a mystery to me how they can write an emu if they don’t even own the original server side software.

  35. Larry
    July 13th, 2006 at 09:51 | #35

    I started this game at launch. Admittedly had a few issues with it pre-cu. Such as jedi rendering my beloved ranged professions obsolete in pvp. But I still had tons of fun with it pre-cu.

    I tested the buggy crap known as the cu. Hated it. Even though I could now stand toe to toe with a jedi and actually inflict damage. I just didn’t like the changes made to grouping and professions/templates. I left for a few months.

    Ironically. I came back because of the NGE. I liked it for the first two days. Gritted through another two and a half weeks. And finally let my toon die a respectable death. The NGE is some half witted scheme to port a PC game of the MMORPG genere to the PS3.

    Will it work? Most likely not. Alot of us PC gamers also have gaming consoles for the change of pace. SOE’s reputation in handling this game has tanked. SWG has actually become a text book example of what not to do to an MMO and a harsh lesson that SOE continues to refuse to learn. Good customer service is good buisness.

    So RIP SWG. I had alot of bittersweet times. If they want my buisness back. It’s going to take an act of god or a pre-cu rollback.

  36. August 10th, 2006 at 11:22 | #36

    Im a beta 2 veteran here, played since before launch, and never stopped until the cursed NGE was released.

    Most vets were ok with CU, seeing it as something that needed to just spice up the game, maybe a little too far, but still maybe needed. So us vettes who owned millions of credits from mindless camping and exploiting and whatnot grew fond of CU, not really missing the old SWG as much as we were going to in a month or two.

    As it was said earlier, TooW was a scam to get people to run their money before they heard the terrible news about NGE. SWG knew exactly how they were going to ruin this game, and just like all the “myths” they created before about SOE sabotaging SWG for EQ and EQ2 to gain more players, i believe it that much more. Not only did SOE destroy the greatest MMORPG i have ever played, but they did it on purpose. They kept the news from the players, leading them to think nothing was to happen, why? because they knew people would leave before they could cash one more time on us gullable purses.

    I have to say this to you SOE.

    F**k you for ruining a great part of my life that actually improved it until you went and ruined what little part i had left after CU.
    /salute for rising to the top, and then pushing the game out the window as you climbed in your elevator and safely ran off with the money that was needed.

    I hope to god EQ and EQ2 get the people you want, just so another crazy EQ player can come to your studio and shoot you for the travesty you have beseeched upon us.

    Evil people always get hit by the boomerang as it flies back >:)

  37. okrona
    October 7th, 2006 at 22:47 | #37

    This is all a case of WOW envy or phobia. They were scared of WOW and the number of people it got into their game (6 million at last cunt?) as where SWG had about 300k at their peak and they are down to about 170k or less? SO this is why we have what we have because of WOW and they saw it as a way to change things so they could jump on the cash cow band wagon. Or could it possibly be that they should have never had someone from evercrack to take the helm and should have had someone from Lucasarts instead? Just my little conspiracy theory.

  38. okrona
    October 7th, 2006 at 22:52 | #38

    sorry about that it was supposed to read (6 million at last count?) not the other word.

  39. Pwar20
    December 29th, 2006 at 18:15 | #39

    I only played the first few months when SWG was first releashed (pre-NGE) and decided to quit only b/c I didnt have enough time for an MMORPG. SWG was one of the best games ive ever played and surpassed Everquest by far. The crafting was great, 30 professions was an excellent idea for diversity, individual housing and location another superb idea. The only thing I didn’t like about early SWG was that u had to pay rent on your house even when you were offline, meaning it hurt casual gamers like me alot, but that was nothing compared to the NGE things im reading. Pre-NGE for as far as I knew was amazing and also did a good job keeping the jedi population at correct levels.

    How in the world can they change an MMORPG into a FPS when players spent time/money in their character?

    How can you enhance a game by dropping professions from 30 to 9?

    If SOE had any plans to make a star wars FPS they should have made a separate game. Making jedi a starting class, that is the worst thing you can do to a community that wants to value jedi and keep them rare and valuable. I will never give SOE another penny of my money and hope that everyone else who hears about this does the same. I am not 100% sure about this, but since playstation is made by Sony or SOE, I will never purchase anything of that type.

    I only played a few months of pre-NGE SWG, but I have had plenty of experience with MMORPGS and I can tell you this is the worst and most unimaginable thing I can see in an MMORPG. And I thought Everquest nerfs and continuous expansions were bad.

    Sony has handled this in the worst possible way by lying to the community, not being honest, ignoring the player community(which drives the MMORPG), and deserves to lose much more money than they are losing right now. It is sad that Sony will probably recover from this from other games and will likely continue to make profits. I rarely post on messageboards, but this NGE thing I just heard about is so bad I have to post my thoughts.

    Its a tragedy for this to happen. Buy a xbox 360 or nintendo Wii. Do NOT buy a PS3.

    360 and wii may not equal PS3 in gaming quality all the time, but at least they are more reliable and won’t pull a NGE on you.

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