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The Joys of Public Beta

May 10th, 2006

Flex 2 public beta3 was just released and already all formerly written Flex2 beta2 apps started to fail working in the newest Flash Player! Seems like Adobe is making critical changes to the framework faster than we can change our pants!
This somehow spoils it for me to write more stuff with Flex until the very final release is published because I’m pretty sure it will fail working in a soon cooming beta4!
Yes, there’s a big and fat beta glued on it so it’s clear that changes are ahead and former stuff might fail but it’s all public and it’s obvious that Adobe isn’t only making it a public beta for testing but also for propaganda! My written SWNameGenerator doesn’t work anymore, giving me a nicely red flooded Eclipse editor full of errors!

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  1. David
    May 30th, 2006 at 01:58 | #1


    The changes between Beta 1 and Beta 2 were dramatic; the changes between beta 2 and beta 3 were much more moderate, but do require some work to get your app working again. Beta 3 will probably be the last public beta before shipping. I would not expect much more change in the APIs before we ship, but there is some chance you will have to make changes (albiet small changes at this point) one last time.


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