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Transpacific Hardwares

It’s about time! We’ve finished a rather big job by now and it’s time for some coddling! I’m still loitering around with my outdated AMD 1.2GHz with yesterdays hardware so I prepared to buy components for assembling a new system. I will go with a Pentium this time, hoping to have not so many hardware probs, freezes and incompatibilities.
After some investigations and review study on several hardware testing sites, I’ve compiled my raw list of selections which includes a new CPU, motherboard, RAM, harddisk and additional stuff like PC case, power supply and CPU cooler. Maybe a new graphics card but that’s not primarily important for now. I came up with these …

CPU: Intel Pentium4 3,2GHz

Mainboard: either Asus P4C800-E Deluxe or MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R (yea, I know the Intel D875PBZ looks much cooler in it’s all black radiance but it only allows overclocking up to 4% which is a joke)

RAM: 1GB of DDR brand RAM

Harddisk: Seagate Barracuda ST3160023AS 160GB SATA

Case: (possibly) Antec Plus1080AMG or PlusView1000AMG

If I’m lucky with the prices, I will stay within the 1000 Euro range which is a good deal for this class of machine.

For a gfx card I’d possibly go for a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro but as this one is already a little bit outdated, I could also wait for what’s happening currently on the market or go with a 9800 Pro.

I’ll take the Creative Audigy soundcard from my old PC and give that one an older soundcard from my tools case. My old AMD then possibly turns into a fileserver or some other support station. The new tower case would finally offer space for my currently unplanted Aqua Computer watercooling which is neat!

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